Proposed Legislation: Election Reform Act of 2012

The Senate wants your feedback!

Attached please find a piece of proposed legislation by the Senate for open comment and debate. If you have comments or questions, please email your senators or leave a comment in the thread below. The Senate plans on debating this bill (with possible amendments) at the next Senate meeting on 10/23/12.

You can find your Senator’s name and email on the “Senate” page. Thanks, EVP.

Election Reform Act of 2012

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  1. I wholeheartedly support the sanctioning of electronic campaigning. As nice as it was having a FB devoid of election pleading, we live in a world of electronic communication and its time that was acknowledged by our election rules.

    I would assume electronic communications is an umbrella term that covers the operation of a campaign website?

    • Hi Sam: As drafted and submitted to the Senate, the bill would permit candidate websites under the umbrella term of electronic communication. However, there is a proposed amendment that would limit candidate websites to only President and EVP. The spring election rules from last year permitted only candidates for President to have a passive website (basically a static page with their platform). -Rob Russo

  2. I’m not sure there’s much of a clue as to what “abuse” means. Is posting vote-for-me to the Facebook “Class of 2014” group abuse? Posting it repeatedly? Using the portal to email every student? Also, maybe I missed it, but what happens when such an action is taken not by a candidate or campaign, but by a bystander student with an opinion? Maybe we need an agency to promulgate interpretations of the rules, or maybe I’ve been reading too much admin law lately.

    • Hi Ian: The bill, as proposed, does omit a definition of “abuse,” however, there is a proposed amendment that would provide a definition. The bill also defines “supporter” and “campaign staff.” Candidates can be held responsible for the actions of supporters and campaign staff, but not a “bystander student.” Having taken Admin law too – I hear you! There is an Elections Committee, which is an organ of the executive branch. They promulgate rules for the election and handle enforcement, in conjunction with the SBA Supreme Court. This bill is an attempt to provide the Committee with some guidelines for the future, and to create some institutional knowledge for the SBA moving forward. -Rob Russo

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