Ad Hoc Request Form

Ad Hoc Request

SBA student organizations may submit ad hoc funding requests for new events or expenses unforeseen in the annual budgeting process. Organizations in the probationary recognition period are funded exclusively through ad hoc funds. Additionally, individuals or groups of law students may submit ad hoc funding requests for events or expenses that the SBA would otherwise support.

Submission Process

The ad hoc funding request process begins by completing this form and emailing any necessary supplemental information to The Senate Finance Committee Chair will follow up after you request an appointment with any additional required information. Please bring copies of the price quotes cited in this request to your meeting.
After the meeting, the Finance Committee will propose an amount to be funded at the next full Senate meeting, and will simultaneously inform you of said recommendation by 11:59PM on the Friday following your meeting. You have the opportunity to appeal your recommendation if unsatisfied with the amount. To do so, you must email by 11:59PM on the Sunday before the following Senate meeting, stating your intent to appeal. Your organization will then have the opportunity to present your request to the full Senate. Ad hoc funds will be available for use immediately following approval by the Senate.

General Guidelines

The SBA Senate Finance Committee has adopted the general guidelines found in the Finance Policy (found in the finance menu) for ad hoc requests. Should the Finance Committee deem it necessary, they may also adopt additional guidelines as may be prudent. If supplemental guidelines are adopted, they will be listed below. Student organizations requesting ad hoc funding should take these guidelines into account when submitting ad hoc funding requests as they will govern the Committee’s recommendation to the Senate. Furthermore, all ad hoc funding requests should be as detailed as possible.
The Senate Finance Committee will hold hearings every other Wednesday at from 6:00PM-8:30PM, unless waived. Location will be conveyed to the requesting party following the submission of your request.
If you have any questions about this request form or process, please contact the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee (