39th annual Patricia Roberts Harris (PRH) Awards Dinner

The George Washington University Law School Black Law Student Association (BLSA) would like to invite you to join us at our 39th annual Patricia Roberts Harris (PRH) Awards Dinner. The dinner celebrates the legacy of Patricia Roberts Harris who graduated from GW Law at the top of her class, and went on to be the first African American woman to serve in a presidential cabinet. This year’s theme, Continuing the Vision of Excellence, serves as a reminder of Mrs. Harris’ achievements and recognizes the work that current BLSA members have continued to accomplish. The banquet will be held April 7, 2017 at 7pm at the Washington DC office of Jones Day.

[Price Options]

BLSA Graduating Student: Free
BLSA Member (non-3L/4LE): $35
GW Law Faculty and Staff: $35
GW Law Alumni: $35
Guest: $35

Purchase tickets here!

Federalist Society Fundraiser

Federalist Society is selling mugs!

$8 per mug! If you are a Federalist Society National Member you can get a $3 refund when you pick up your mugs. If you have any questions about the sale, please contact George Ryan Holton: georgeryanholton@gmail.com

EJF Donation

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You can email Bennett Parker (bmparker@law.gwu.edu) and Katelin Shugart-Schmidt (kshugart@law.gwu.edu) with any questions.

Grad Week Schedule

Still eking out those last finals and papers?  Good news: Grad Week is just around the corner, and we’re happy to give you an update!

We have adjusted the schedule to account for additional events scheduled by various school departments so that you can attend as many as possible.

Ticketed Events: During Grad Week, two events will be ticketed– Brunch at Clyde’s (5/2) and the Vineyard Trip (5/11).  Because space is limited and cannot be increased, tickets cannot be purchased for a guest–graduating students only!  The links for these sales are listed in the schedule below.  Each must be purchased separately, so make sure you complete each transaction if you would like tickets to both events.

TICKETED EVENT: Brunch at Clyde’s in Chinatown, 12-2pm.*  Tickets are $20 and are limited to graduating students, no guests.  Purchase here.

Trivia Night at Tonic, 8-10pm.* Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 teams.  Teams are limited to a maximum of 4 people.

Class Gift Nationals Game, 1:35pm
Details Sent from Alumni & Development Office

SOLD OUT: Vineyard Trip, 10am-4pm.* Each ticket will include transportation and lunch. Tickets are $30 and are limited to graduating students, no guests. Purchase here.

ONCE YOU HAVE PURCHASED A VINEYARD TRIP TICKET: You must sign a travel participant form, located at the law school information desk AND fill out this form with emergency contact info.  This must be complete in order for you to participate on the trip. If this is not complete by 4/29, your ticket will be rereleased for sale.

Zoo Scavenger Hunt, 1pm. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team. Teams are limited to a maximum of 4 people.  The scavenger hunt list is available here: https://docs.google.com/a/law.gwu.edu/document/d/1kyFigr39rZDecqUC1vHOa__NOh5PWmFIBsgNSX-F98c/edit?usp=sharing.

Karaoke at The Wonderland Ballroom, 8-10pm.*

Bowling at Pinstripes, 7-9pm. Bowling and Food provided.

Bar Review at Brixton, 9-11pm.*  We’ll be at the rooftop bar.

Paddle Boats in the Tidal Basin, 11am-12pm.

Bar Review at Roofer’s Union, 9-11pm.* We will have the first floor bar for the evening.  You can grab dinner upstairs with friends and family, and then bring them downstairs for a drink afterwards, but make sure you get a reservation for dinner!

*Alcohol will be available via a drink ticket/cash bar system to individuals 21 and over with a valid, government issued ID.


2014 Fall Run-Off Candidates

Please find statements from each Candidate below or click the link for your Inn:

Cardozo Inn

Shane Miller

Shane Miller

“For House Cardozo.”





Olivia Vanessa Seraphim

Olivia Vanessa Seraphim

“Within days of starting at GW it was quickly proven to me what a phenomenal and special group of students comprises the Cardozo Inn. Every day I speak with someone new I am overwhelmingly impressed – everyone is so unique and brings something so completely new to the table. This is amazing! Because if you haven’t yet noticed, we will be spending a lot of time together. As your Senator, I would hope to leverage the opportunity to encourage and support one another both academically and otherwise. Picnics on the mall, holding a food drive, have a talent show?! Study sessions? Let’s throw some adventures into the mix and take advantage of the awesome group of friends we’ve been provided with. I truly enjoy bringing people together, and would love our inn to be a source of relief from the inevitable craze that surrounds us. Olivia for Cardozo Senator!”


Marshall Inn

Carrie Mobley

Carrie Mobley

“I am interested in helping my fellow 1L’s reach their true potential by representing them in the senate. I plan to implement various health and wellness programs to encourage a healthy lifestyle that minimizes stress. I also plan to create various social outings that allow us all to form closer bonds that will last for years to come.”



Kent Walters

Kent Walters

“Hello fellow Marshallites! It would be disingenuous to say that I have any specific policy goals in pursuing this position—mainly, because I have been here less than 2 weeks and have yet to master my schedule (let alone discern any particularly serious issues amenable to SBA Senate resolution). Accordingly, my more honest and I think more valuable “platform” is a commitment to pursue the issues, concerns, and goals of the Marshall Inn specifically as well as the 1L Class generally. I am not big on campaigning or résumé padding; as a philosophy graduate from UC Berkeley (go bears)—I am have deeply Platonic views regarding the proper motivations of any electoral candidates. My purpose is simply to be a worthy representative of the best Inn as well as a positive asset to GW Law community. Happy studying and be sure to vote!”


O’Connor Inn

Rosie Gorn

Rosie Gorn

“- Attentive – Positive – Effective – I want to promote collegiality and connectivity within our Inn. I promise to listen more than I talk, and to take responsive action in whatever way I can to make our 1L experience meaningful for each of you.”




Ben Chase

“I’m excited to announce my intention to run for the position of Senate for the O’Conner Inn Class of 2017.”






GW SBA Judiciary Hearing Request

GW SBA Judiciary Hearing Request page is updated.

If you have information to submit, please choose “Hearing Request” drop down menu from the main menu, or proceed to:


Thank you.

SBA Budget 2012-13

The Student Bar Association Senate approved the proposed Annual Budget for fiscal year 2013 on August 28, 2012. The Annual Budget allocates the SBA’s expenditures between the seven SBA executive committees and the SBA-recognized student organizations.   This budget report complies with SBA Bylaw 912(e).

SBA Budget Report 2012-13