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The following pages were provided by Dean DeVigne following her Bar Info Session.

UBE Bar Exam DC v. NY

UBE Bar Exam Jurisdiction Information

Bar Exam Info Presentation Slides

Bar Passage Rates 2011-2016

Video: Overview of Character and Fitness Requirements by Dean DeVigne
This video reflects the session Dean DeVigne held in the evening, where she provided an overview of character and fitness for the state bar exam and provide names of those from whom you can seek assistance with questions on character and fitness. Handouts from that evening program are at the end of this message. In particular, she calls your attention to the 2016 Character and Fitness Overview and Quick Reference Sheet (3rd document, first attachment), and the sample application from NCBE (first link below my email signature). The video is approximately 45 minutes.

Video: Panel Member Overview of Character and Fitness Requirements
This recording is of the informative panel members who provided more detail on specific character and fitness issues: DC Bar Counsel, Gene Shipp on becoming licensed in DC and remaining licensed; Dean Robin Juni on disclosure in the law school admissions process; and Niki Irish, from the DC Lawyer Assistance Program, on whether and how to report on alcohol/drug issues, or mental health matters.