Calendar Submissions


Publishing Timeline: All Calendar Events must be submitted by noon, the Friday PRIOR to the week that you would like the event to go live. All events will then be uploaded no later than the following Monday @ noon. Thank you.


  • Title, Time, Location and Description – All event submissions must have these four fields populated. If not, the event will be automatically rejected from the Calendar.
  • HPPS Policy – All events with alcohol must include the proper HPPS language in their description field. Any such events without the required language will be rejected. Please use the GW Law Event Guide & Procedures document located here to identify your proper language.
  • Profanity – Profanity, offensive, and lewd language will not be allowed on the SBA Calendar. Appeals should directed to the SBA Chief of Staff.
  • Rights Reserved – The SBA Officer in charge of the SBA Calendar also reserves the right to reject event submissions for good cause and or good reason. Appeals in such a case should be directed to the SBA Chief of Staff.

Submission Process: Use your GW Law gmail account to create the event and then invite the SBA Calendar ( to your event and send a notification. A tutorial on how to do this is below.


Step One:

Log in to your organization’s (or student) gmail account. Then use the upper right drop-down menu to select the Calendar Icon.


Step Two: 

Using either the ‘Day’ or ‘Week’ view (upper right), Drag and Release an event across the time frame in which you’d like to host your event.

Then fill in the ‘Title’ of the event (red arrow) and select ‘Edit event’ (red circle).


Step Three:

Double check to make sure that your event’s Title, Date, and Time frame are all correct (red arrow #1). Then add in the Location and the Description (red arrows #2 & 3). REMEMBER to include the appropriate HPPS language in your description if your event has alcohol.

MOST IMPORTANT STEP – Add the SBA Calendar ( as a guest and click ‘add’ (filled red arrow & circle).


Step Four:

After clicking ‘add’ your screen should have the information below (red square). Please confirm this.


Step Five: 

Click ‘SAVE’ and then confirm sending the invitation by clicking ‘Send’ (red circles). Note: You MUST send an invitation for the SBA account to be notified of the event. If you do not do this, your event will not be added to the SBA Calendar.


Step Six:

Congratulations! Your event has been submitted to the SBA Calendar. Please allow for the timeline above for your event to uploaded to the Calendar. If you do not see your event by then, please contact the Deputy Chief of Staff of Communications, or the Chief of Staff. If there is an error with your posting, please edit your event in your personal account and it will be automatically updated on the SBA Website.