February 28, 2012 Minutes

Senate Meeting Agenda

8:05pm – February 28, 2012 L301

  1. Quorum
    1. Brad C. Sam, Rob, Holly, Brad H., Dean, Matt, Steph, Mike, Lauren, AJ, Juan, David, Giri, Justin
    2. James (class)
    3. Absent: Janet (Proxy), Alex, Kyle (proxy is Holly), Jackie (Proxy is Matt), Adam (proxy is Dean), Umang (proxy is AJ)
    4. Quorum is present,
    5. Approval of 2/13/12 Minutes
      1. Motion to approve

i.     Seconded

ii.     Motion passes

  1. S06: Repeal of Bylaw 605
    1. Lenny: the proposal on the floor is to eliminate bylaw 605 which governs the gavel club. Holly and Rob are sponsors
    2. Holly: In our opinion, the duties as they are outlined in the bylaw are currently either not being accomplished or are being accomplished by someone else in the executive committee. To our knowledge there have been no dealing with disputes in fundraisers. The calendar has been maintained by another individual.
    3. Rob: I agree.
    4. Nick Nikic and Mike Johnson on the gavel club

i.     Mike: The bylaws are inaccurate. When I took the position, the primary duties were to deal with conflicts between student groups. There have not been any of these over this year. Second, the most time consuming duty is to assign the Thirsty Thursday Hosts and dealing with the contacts between CADE and the host. I usually get a call once every three weeks from CADE relating to problems with a student organization . The final thing is a student organization recognition event. We will form a committee and solicit nomination to give awards to organizations

  1. Holly: Do you only do CADE stuff for Thirsty Thursdays?

i.     Mike: Yes, there is a lot of overlap however, since my name is on all the paperwork for all the thirsty Thursdays, I get the phone call because CADE sees me as the law school contact for them. There is no official duty to be the appointed CADE rep to the law school

  1. Rob: After hearing that I stand by the legislation removing the Gavel Club. There does not seem to be a need for it. I am unaware of any conflicts between student organizations. The bylaw has this whole elaborate series and duties, but it is unnecessary to have it on the books.  The job being done by the Gavel Club chair is doing an important rule and we can give the President to have discretion to organize that committee.
  2. Sam: This is something that you might be able to do with one person or have the Senate do that as well.
  3. Nick: It all makes sense, if nothing in the bylaws is happening, it is fine to get it out of the bylaws.  Any future president will continue the current position.
  4. Brad C.: Just so it is clear, we are not getting rid of a person, we are getting rid of something that doesn’t even exist as it is stated in the bylaws
  5. Motion to Vote

i.     Seconded

ii.     In favor: 19

iii.     Opposed: 0

iv.     Abstain: 2

v.     Bill Passes

  1. Law Revue Ad Hoc
    1. Law Revue put in an ad hoc request. The show was on Saturday. Essentially we started out with a budget of 9,000 this year, we raised a lot of money this year through various events such as Band Gig, dues, Barbri Sponsorship, etc. Our biggest source of income is ticket sales.  I estimated 7,800 for ticket sales. We are at around 9,000 based on ticket sales. That still brings us to where our expenses are. We are breaking even including decisions to cut events that happen after the show. With the ticket sale money we are breaking even without including 3L farewell party, for DVDs of the show, and Election Party.
    2. Juan: You mention people

i.     Typically we have cast pay for the cost of the DVD, but does not cover the cost to film the show.

  1. Rob: what does the 2000 dollars represent?

i.     We are 400 or 500 under expenses. These expenses will help us cover expenses and for future events.

  1. Finance committee recommendation: Brad C.:  Given the fact that ticket sales came in higher, we are going to stick with the request they initially requested.  Holly is right that we are not funding election meetings this year. Given that, we still want to make sure Law Revue has money in its R Fund next year. As everyone knows they took a big cut in funding this year, but stepped up in doing a lot of fundraising. So we want to make sure they have room left in their R Fund for next year.

i.     Sam: Two other things, the cost of Lisner went up this year and also we do not know what our budget situation will look like next year will be helpful to give them

  1. Rob: How many came to the show?

i.     We had around 800 this year, end of the expenses comes out to about 26,000 and we only started out with 9,000. We made sure we spent efficiently, make as many cuts as we could to avoid asking for too much money.  What ever we do not spend will help us out next year.

  1. Alternative proposals on the floor? No
  2. Motion to Vote

i.     Recusal is mandatory if you are apart of a groups executive board, optional if you are apart of the group in any other way. I am mentioning this with Law Revue members in the senate.

ii.     In favor: 22

iii.     Opposed:0

iv.     Abstain: 0

v.     Motion passes unanimously

  1. After that ad hoc request, we are at $11,239.68
  2. JLSA Ad Hoc
    1. We are doing an Ad Hoc request for the Passover meal, we are asking for a little less than $2000. The numbers are influx and depending on how much money we are going to get, also because wine is apart of the tradition. We are also going through the process of getting a new vendor approved that would give us a lower price.  Our fundraiser was not as big as we were expecting, but we are putting in money from our accounts. We are also putting on more events this semester.
    2. Brad C.: The exact request is 1894.69
    3. Sam: How many did you have attend?

i.     Roughly we had 100-200 students based on last years results.  Hopefully we will have faculty participate.  We are doing a co-pay, so students that are attending will be paying a $10 fee.

  1. Finance Committee: We recommend the full amount. JLSA’s original budget request was much larger and we asked them to try to bring the costs down. Instead of buying the books used during the service, they found an online option.
  2. Motion to Vote

i.     Passes unanimously

  1. Lambda Ad Hoc
    1. We are co-presidents of Lambda Law, we are requesting funding for Lavender Law event, the LGBT national event, it will be in DC this year. We used money in our R Fund and got money from the SBA last year to send 17 people to LA. This year, we would like to send every member to the event since it is in DC. At least 3 or 4 members who attended were able to get jobs from the event last year. The event provides valuable educational opportunities, networking opportunities and hosts different symposiums relating to LGBT issues.  The total funding request is $4050. Because it is in DC, we want to help as many go as possible.  By having a lot of our members to go to the conference and have more GW Law students than other regional schools will build our visibility.  This request number is base don
    2. Holly: Will you get more than 30 people to go?

i.     I think so. Last year the only help students received was $500. So to go to LA and other related expenses were more than that.  We also have 85 active members in Lambda. If we have more that 30 people we will consider using our other funds to help more students go. I believe we would want more students to go with less reimbursement to maximize.

  1. Sam: Can you tell us more about the people who got jobs through the even last year.

i.     For sure. Beth Dalmut was able to meet with Kirkland and Ellis to work as a summer associate and received a scholarship. Another 2L, Chris Freeman, was able to do small dinners with firms who met a firm while at the event. Finally, another student received an offer from a public interest organization as well.  These three examples highlight the benefits of the conference.

  1. Nick: This is something that in previous years would we consider the Deans Referral, if you award them money and we run out, we can go to the deans regarding this number.
  2. Brad: Finance committee is recommending the full amount. This is less than last year and we hope that they get the 30 people, if not more.
  3. Sam: this is exactly the thing I think we should be funding. Help students get jobs and meet people.
  4. Lenny: Are there any alternative proposals?
  5. Justin: do we usually have students help pay something to attend these events?

i.     Sam: This year we have been spending money very judicially when it comes to all events. Mostly because we thought some events would require more money that have not.  We have the money, this is the kind of event we want to fund, and we also want to have a discussion for where the money is going for the rest of the year.

  1. Juan: Another thing we have noticed, other groups are going out of the city, while this event is in DC. We cannot afford the cost of fully funding students. In my previous experience it looks worse when we do not spend the money we have.
  2. Motion to vote:

i.     In favor: 20

ii.     Oppose: 0

iii.     Abstain: 2

  1. FC Discussion
    1. Updated number for Ad Hoc reserve: $5294.99
    2. Brad C.: This discussion is spurred by Rob’s comments from last meeting that we are now at around $5000 dollars, we are done with all the big requests we know of. We obviously still have money left over. There has been discussion on what the proper approach is. Do we reach out to groups that did not get as much money as they could have received? To reach out to all groups to let them know money is available.  The entire committee agrees that we will never get more money if we do not spend what we have. We cannot act unilaterally as a committee.
    3. Dean: How many more meetings do we have?

i.     One more after spring break and then transition is April 1. The money would still be available after the transition

  1. Dean: I absolutely believe the groups that did not get much money the first time around should get the first crack at it.
  2. Holly: I think we should open this to everyone. My question is what would be our backup plan if we get ad hoc requests that go over that number?

i.     Brad C.: We would encourage them to come to us prior to spending the money.

  1. Holly: we should make it explicit in the email to let them know.
  2. Sam: First, if we go to groups that requested at the beginning of the schools year, we probably cant go back to help them. There are a few groups from the beginning of this semester that we could help more with their events.  WE need to find a way to spend it and there are lots of organizations out there that have good events to spend this money on. Preferably we should come to consensus during this meeting. Last thing we want is money left over at the end.  We all feel very enthusiastic about this.
  3. Juan: I don’t know how perfect my memory is. But I do not think we denied this amount. I think we need to run out completely.
  4. David: I think I agree on sending it out to everyone rather than certain organizations.  For people that have had events and they are past, but we want to encourage them to have as many events as possible and groups will come if they know money is available.
  5. Brad C.: We should keep in mind that we will not have any other groups come for ad hoc, but at this point of the year we are done with the big ones we know of.
  6. Giri: I do not think any one is arguing we should not spend all the money.  One of the things that has come up all year is scrutinizing the requests as they come up. At the end of the year, being more lenient to groups at the end of the year, we need to keep up with the same scrutiny to keep up fairness.
  7. Rob: I agree that if we open this up we need to be an equal opportunity disperser of money. The fact they were denied funding before may weigh on our analysis
  8. Sam: For the concern on running out of money, we can ask for ad hoc requests from the SA as well. As far as student groups on whether to open it to everyone. There are groups that could use more money for certain requests. Regardless we need to do it soon. Allow groups to prepare the requests for this senate’s last meeting.  I do feel bad for the cuts we made to a lot of groups, but again there is nothing we can do about groups that have their events earlier in the year and I am all for giving the groups all the money they requested so we can spend the money we have and fund good events.
  9. Nick: I want to add that whatever is left, that does not get added to the Executive Budget, it is left on the senate side
  10. David: First, in the event we are not able to get groups, is it possible to roll over to next year? Second, who is the message going to and who is crafting the message to the student groups?

i.     Shirley, first question is unclear. The leftover fund could be put in R Fund or create a larger ad hoc pile. Also, about this time my time send email to groups to remind them to spend their C Fund. It may be a reminder that you may not get as many requests because groups have not spend all of their C Fund

ii.     Lenny: Bylaw 410(e) – the Senate can take ad hoc requests from SBA executive officers and would be in the SBA’s R Fund for next year

iii.     Brad C.: In answer to second question, I would suggest that Shirley and I will look into that. The senate would approve the group the email would go to and then Shirley and I would submit it to the Senate. I think it is better to get the email out sooner rather than later.

  1. Lauren: I agree to let them work on the email. It will allow them to handle it so it is done sooner
  2. Rob: I would echo what everyone said. I agree that it is vital to get this out now. We need to think holistically from the position of a student organization. The process is cumbersome and turns groups away. It stops them from dreaming big when they consider the different costs. Anything we can do to help facilitate would be better.  Also to throw in monkey wrench, I think it is great to send it out to student orgs, but they are not the only one’s who can request money. Where to draw the line is a tough question, but one thing to think about
  3. Sam: I think they should send it out on their own.  Can we allocate it to the Executive Vice President and have them allocate it back to the Senate if we cannot spend it all? It would give us an extra 5000 to give to student organizations at the end of the year.

i.     Lenny: I do not have the ability, as EVP, to disburse money in my budget

ii.     Nick: First, our budget is worked out for the entire year, once it is worked out there is not a lot of moving around that happens. Main idea is also that if we take a chunk of money and allocate it to an executive officer cannot just give it to another officer. It works in the executive side as well. We would have to look at spending within the law school office itself.

iii.     Sam: The point I am trying to make is that even if EVP does not have unilateral authority to spend the money, the senate can direct the EVP to spend the money in certain ways.

  1. Juan: I feel that the image to that idea would be awful. We do not want to make it look like we depleted our ad hoc and gave it to ourselves. We should not be planning ways to hide it.
  2. Rob: I think we should focus on how to disburse this money first

i.     Move to limit debate to 5 more minutes

  1. Seconded
  2. Passes unanimously
  3. Mike: If we want to spend the remaining funds, I don’t think we will have a problem.  I think there is consensus built to send an email.
  4. Lenny: The finance committee and Shirley do not need consent from Senate to send an email.
  5. Sam: I agree with what Juan said, I wanted to make sure we had the option on the table. As a member of the finance committee, I think we would like the consent even though we do not need it
  6. Motion to approve sending email to all student organizations

i.     Seconded

ii.     In favor: 17

iii.     Opposed: 4

iv.     Abstain: 1

v.     Motion passes

  1. Election Results
    1. Lenny: I do not have a election results document because it was already sent to the entire student body. All we need to do is to ratify those results to make them officially elected.
    2. Motion to approve the election results

i.     Seconded

ii.     Motion passes unanimously

  1. S07 – Senate Committee Designation Bill
    1. Lenny: this bill will insert definitions of the committees into the bylaws, listing responsibilities
    2. Holly: We talked about this last time, I am all in favor of moving forward, if there are other amendments to be made they can be made next year at the discretion of the senate.
    3. Motion to Vote

i.     Seconded

ii.     Bill passes unanimously

  1. Point of information: any idea on when the bylaws will be updated?

i.     Hopefully on a monthly basis based on the legislation we passed a month ago

10. S08 – Charter Committee Reform

  1. Rob: The memo sent out explains this.  This is all common sense. I say we vote.
  2. AJ: I wanted to state on the record that the 20 person minimum for a new organization to be recognized.  But it is not worth while to fight over it.
  3. Motion to vote

i.     Seconded

ii.     Bill passes unanimously

11. Senator Soapbox

  1.  Brad H.: I have been in the process of updating the outline bank, we have gotten 8 people to submit outlines. Holly and I have discussed ways to get more involved, such as a raffle or gift cards.

i.     Holly: Sam Dillon is in the process of brainstorming with me about how to create a better outline bank so that it is self uploaded and they can be rated by students.  If people find it helpful they can star it or give feedback. Hopefully we can get more interest.

ii.     Justin: How did we solicit for more?  Would a single blast work better?

  1. Nick’s weekly newsletter is where it was sent out
  2. Justin: also helping to pay would be helpful

iii.     Rob: one idea is to reach out to 3Ls that are leaving to have them give back. I don’t feel comfortable passing them out right after I take the exam, but might be worth while to ask 3Ls that are leaving.

  1. Brad H.: For anyone that wants to submit, we will get rid of all the metadata, I don’t know about telling people that before the submit
  2. Mike: what about putting $294.99 into an account for buying gift cards.
  3. Lenny: we did an allocation to the wellness committee last year.
  4. Brad C.: I do think we need to look at the ethical issues before we spend the money
  5. Holly: I wanted to say that I am not going to be moving to impeach anyone, we do not have a full and complete record of attendance. I wanted to have this on the record.

12. Community Comment

  1. Peter: Peter, 1L, we were thinking it might be possible to get a couple of different options for the business card sale. We wanted to know if there were a possibility to get different styles for the cards?

i.     Nick: in the future, there is a possibility, you would need to send out an email to VP of Student Affairs

ii.     David: I think part of the reason Peter came is to show that there is a strong interest in the student body to have something change.

iii.     Nick: if there is a strong sentiment, the simply truth of it is that when dealing with these things there are lots of requests for very individualized thing. The nature of the job is difficult to process all of these. If it was on me and someone sent an email that was not addressing the needs

iv.     Sam: when we are talking to our constituents, how do you encourage we tell them to contact the executive?

  1. Nick: I don’t know if that is the kind of thing for there to be a procedure for. If one student asks, we consider the feasibility of the request. If there is long standing tradition we do, like the business cards being done since 2004.  That does not mean it is not open to change, but for one student request it is often hard. When we start doing things on one thing.
  2. Sam: How do we show student need?
    1. Giri: students bring it to the attention of their senators.
    2. Holly: the fact that a student came for community comment indicates that there is an interest and although it may be too late now, it is something we can do with it next year. As the new president complies his list of
    3. David: it was more of matter the email seemed to suggest this was not possible.
    4. Nick: Contact point for committee members is helpful for executive board. Some members are more of staffers that handle the work. Policy things should go through

v.     Rob: I just wanted to say thanks for coming, I would also like to ask having two community comments, one at the beginning and one at the end.

vi.     Nick:  I wanted to ask if anyone was available to help out, specifically 1Ls, regarding the GW Law games on March 23rd.

vii.     Holly: vote for John Bennett for SA President

13. Adjourn

  1. Motion to Adjourn

i.     Seconded

ii.     Motion passes unanimously

  1. Meeting Adjourned at: 9:34pm

February 13, 2012 Minutes

Senate Meeting Agenda

8:30pm – February 13, 2012

  1. Quorum
  2. 14 present, 5 covered by proxies; 3 absent
    1. Giri – Proxy – Brad
    2. Holly
    3. Justin – absent
    4. Matt Baker
    5. James Floyd – absent with told
    6. Janet Kang
    7. Stephanie – Proxy – Matt
    8. Jackie – on her way
    9. Adam – here
    10. Dean – Rob Proxy
    11. Brad Carrol – here
    12. Bran Ham –  Proxy Rob
    13. Alex – here
    14. Sam  – here
    15. Rob – here
    16. David Glanton – here; AJ Proxy for partial
    17. Mike Williams
    18. Juan
    19. Lauren – Mike proxy
    20. AJ – David proxy for partial
    21. Kyle
    22. Umang
  3. Approval of 1/17/12 Minutes
    1. Motion – Matt
    2. Seconded
    3. Discussion?
    4. Proceed Vote
    5. Approved unanimous
  4. Approval of 1/31/12 Minutes
    1. Rob – Motion to amend minutes to add election results from the Fall
      1.                                                i.     Vote
        1. Approved (unanimous)
    2. Matt – motion to move as amended
      1.                                                i.     Vote
        1. Approved (unanimous)
  5. CYLSA AD Hoc
    1. Avonne Bell
      1.                                                i.     Request to hold additional amounts for the rest of the semester
      2.                                              ii.     Held fundraiser, other events, more active this semester, and we don’t want to leave the organization barren for next year
      3.                                             iii.     GW is considered for getting FCC Journal – and thinks that this group will help group’s support
      4.                                             iv.     Events
        1. Talk with Dean Berman b/c he is an expert in cyberlaw!
        2. Career communications panel
          1. 4 attorneys on panel
          2. How industry works – advocacy, firm, fcc, etc.
          3. Information Privacy
            1. Not solidified
            2. Google
            3. General body meeting
              1. Elections (social event)
          4.                                               v.     Questions
            1. Rob: Avonne has been incredible in reviving organization last Spring! Super impressed in activity especially given the amount of money they were given
            2. Adam: What was fundraiser and how much raised?
              1. Bake sale $129.30
            3. Holly: Point of information: are you talking to Prof. Solove?
              1. Yes
            4. Brad: Finance Committee
              1. Recommended $300, Request $500
              2. Subtracted partial amount because they budgeted costs for fliers and ads, and student groups get this for free at copy center
              3. Policy not to recommend funding of election meetings this year, because of original budget considerations and because election meetings – they should be going to meetings because of direction of group not for other perks
            5. Proposals
              1. $300 (20)
              2. $0 (0)
              3. Abstain (0)
  6. LLMSA Ad Hoc
    1. Jose (VP)
      1.                                                i.     140 students in LLM – 113 of those International
      2.                                              ii.     Trying to organize luncheon to get LLM students together for last semester for most LLMs opportunity to have a get together within school to get to know each other and networking
      3.                                             iii.     Requesting money for paper plates cups, etc. pizza and drinks
        1. Requesting $70.00
    2. Questions
      1.                                                i.     Rob: started last year and really happy to see you guys come to the Senate b/c were worried whether the organization would last more than one year! Happy to see this. Urge you to set up some system so next year. Should be incorporated into orientation program
      2.                                              ii.     Umang: Great idea – you have other projects – are you coming again to the SBA?
        1. We know we need to raise funds – want to get t-shirts and yearbooks; and joint event with Georgetown LLMs (300 students); Not able to invite AU – but want to sell tickets
        2. Bake sales may happen
        3.                                             iii.     AJ
          1. Love LLM students
    3. Finance Committee
      1.                                                i.     Recommended full amount $70.00
      2.                                              ii.     Have $100.00 in your fund
    4. Umang
      1.                                                i.     Proposal for $100.00
    5. Rob
      1.                                                i.     Point of information: They have $100 in their C-fund
      2.                                              ii.     Brad: Yes
    6. Discussion
      1.                                                i.     None
    7. Vote
      1.                                                i.     $70 – 9
      2.                                              ii.     $100 – 10
      3.                                             iii.     0 – 0
      4.                                             iv.     Abstain – 1
    8. AJ: I think David would have voted actually for $70, so can we change that
    9. Lenny: Can we vote again with no abstentions?
    10. $100 Vote
  7. IRAP
    1. IRAP was approved last semester; high hopes for the organization; lot of prep work done last semester and foundational things have been taken care of
    2. First Ad-Hoc request – no funding
    3. Want a first event that is inclusive
      1.                                                i.     Immigration Law, Arab Student Law and Muslim Law (all have expressed interest)
      2.                                              ii.     Open to the public and members of law school at large
    4. Wrote a memo last semester for Syria and status of Iraqi refugees that was cited by professional organization for other IRAP chapters
    5. Looking to start legal work – talked to Berman and Morrison
    6. Looking to do an annual event with IRAP Chapters to GW
    7. Networking/Live Music Awareness Event
      1.                                                i.     Bringing Iraqi and Syrian artists
      2.                                              ii.     Blackbird Warehouse
      3.                                             iii.     150-200 people venue
      4.                                             iv.     Bar manager is friend of mine
      5.                                               v.     Offered to rent it out for free
      6.                                             vi.     March 13th after spring break
      7.                                            vii.     Partnering with those other groups to make it happen
    8. Ideally want IRAP to be a clinic
    9. AJ: They are requesting $1850
    10. Selling tickets to the event
    11. Ideally want to break even
    12. Request is on safe side in case we don’t budget enough to cover attendance
    13. Breakdown
      1.                                                i.     2 artists – one from LA and Montreal
      2.                                              ii.     Montreal artist needs roundtrip ticket $500-$800
      3.                                             iii.     LA – offered to drive to next gig in Durham, NC
      4.                                             iv.     Artist fees they have negotiated down for them
        1. $1000 each
        2.                                               v.     No request outside of this
    14. Context
      1.                                                i.     Part of broader refugee awareness week
      2.                                              ii.     One area of the world Mon-Thur
      3.                                             iii.     Thinking of documentaries
      4.                                             iv.     Try to get Bar Review near venue
      5.                                               v.     Tabling, fliers, sidewalk chalk stats
    15. Finance
      1.                                                i.     $1300 – be sure they had money to pay for airfare
      2.                                              ii.     Hope ticket sales go well and make up money
      3.                                             iii.     If artists need to get paid, can come back for more money
      4.                                             iv.     Against subsidizing trip to next gig back to Montreal
    16. Questions
      1.                                                i.     Rob: Are you comfortable with the $1300
      2.                                              ii.     Juan: How much do we have left in Ad hoc?
        1. Brad: We will find out in Shirley’s mid-year report. There are a lot of big ones coming but we are okay for now.
        2. Lenny: What is the most recent ad hoc balance that you have?
        3. Shirley: The last one And you guys are $21,000, about the same place as last year
        4. Brad: On track with where we were last year
        5. Lenny: It is important right now for us to know
        6. Shirley: $21,709.68
        7. Rob: I love the finance committee, but I’m sick of tired of hearing that we have requests coming. When we get to them, that’s wonderful. It’s not right for us to be penalizing new groups that are coming up with creative ideas.
        8. Janet: From past records, we are not penalizing but we are trying to balance our budget because it wouldn’t be fair if groups come back later on. It’s more about balancing than penalizing. You just don’t know if they are going to do well or not. To give them the full amount is kind of odd. For airfare can they only compensate them for the airfare they purchase – can we reimburse them for how much that would have cost them to go back to Montreal?
        9. Brad: No, legislation would cover it but they would have to put remaining money to fees. They can’t go beyond legislation in terms of spending that money. If they end up with extra, that money.

10. Sam: All groups would come at the beginning for money if we funded them fully. Sympathize with IRAP but we need to take into account allocations that are coming.

11. Holly: I think you guys are the second group that has come this entire year with an original idea that hasn’t been for food or drinks.

12. Mike: Have we ever financed an event of this nature to this extent?

  1. Brad: BALSA, Justified Arts, but BALSA paid of it on their own mostly.

13. Shirley: So were not allowed to use C-fund money for group fundraisers? So if you guys make money on the event…we can talk about that

14. Brad: You make money, that’s fine and it goes to your R fund for next year

15. Lenny: It hasn’t been a bright line rule, when I was in the finance committee last year – if you want to have the event and charge admission to recoup events, fine to spend C-fund event. Issue arises when purpose of event is to make money. I don’t know where you draw the line. That has been the practice – we can’t say nothing that brings in money can be used for C-fund money.

16. Sam: I don’t think because it’s a different kind of event should be an issue at all.

17. Brad: Motion to close general debate on funding issue and vote on this

  1. Voted – ay

18. Lenny: Will entertain only new proposals at this point

  1. Holly: $1500
    1.                                                                                                      i.     Vote
      1. 1300 – 7
      2. 1500 – 10
      3. 0 – 0
      4. Abstain – 3
      5.                                                                                                    ii.     No majority
        1. Eliminate abstaining
          1. 1300 – 9/ 1500 – 11
  2. HLSA
    1. Caroline – President
      1.                                                i.     Fund to go to the Hispanic Natl Bar Assoc Convention and Career Fair
      2.                                              ii.     Two years have rec’d funding
      3.                                             iii.     1st year – sent 4 members; 2nd year – $6,250 and 11 members went and paid $100 each out of pocket
      4.                                             iv.     This event is amazing – the career fair component is outstanding – and made contact that led to internship at DOJ Civil Rights Division which is more competitive
      5.                                               v.     3L was rejected from FRP; same firms interviewed her at the convention and Officer of Comptroller of the Currency and rec’d full time position
      6.                                             vi.     2L working OGC of Dept. of Navy – summer job
      7.                                            vii.     2L rejected at OCI and same firms interviewed her at convention
      8.                                          viii.     Great networking opportunity especially for people who want to leave area
      9.                                             ix.     Lots of panels
      10.                                               x.     Asking $7,000
    2. Rob: What are expenses? (for 12 people)
      1.                                                i.     $200 per person registration
      2.                                              ii.     Flights roughly $350 per person
      3.                                             iii.     Hotel $160 per night at 4 bedrooms for 3 nights
      4.                                             iv.     Total cost $8,535 and wants every person to pay $127
    3. Holly: Who gets to go
      1.                                                i.     Opens to membership
      2.                                              ii.     List serv around 120
      3.                                             iii.     Event is in August
      4.                                             iv.     Actual event is 4 nights but willing to cut it to 3 days
    4. Brad: Finance Committee
      1.                                                i.     $6176.25, which represents a decision to ask for each person to pay 25% of the individual cost, which is $705/per person, so we are asking them to pay $171.56 out of pocket
      2.                                              ii.     Sam: exempted from number negotiations
    5. Rob: What did they get last year?
      1.                                                i.     $6,250.00
    6. Rob: What is this mean for you?
      1.                                                i.     Thank you for support – the reality is that less people will go
    7. Janet: If this is during the summer, do you have a better idea of who might be going?
      1.                                                i.     Because I didn’t have funding, I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up for a waiting list
    8. Janet: Because we don’t know if people are going to be flying to DC or will be closer to Seattle. Do you know what percentage are going for the first time as opposed to the 2nd or 3rd
      1.                                                i.     From past experience 80% were on the last flight, I picked the cheapest flight and told everyone to get on that
      2.                                              ii.     We try to give priority to those who haven’t gone and to 2Ls who are going into 3L year and need permanent employment contacts – do an evaluation about everyone who is interested b/c a lot of he interviewers are those who go to OCI
    9. Matt: This finance committee figure and the one I am going to propose are based on a slightly reduced cost of flights – we jumped on expedia and found cheaper flights.
      1.                                                i.     Proposed based on $325/flight per person
      2.                                              ii.     $6,435.00 and got to that by anticipating $150 per person contribution because $170 is a little steep. This is a good event and we said if you can fill it up and turns into something that shows it pays off, we will support it, and it has.
    10. Juan: How many applied to go last year?
      1.                                                i.     We had about 16 people, one had an emergency and couldn’t go
    11. Rob: What sort of fundraising do you do throughout the year and is there any thing you can think of to make up that gap so that you can get 12 people?
      1.                                                i.     Biggest contribution has been Wiley Rein and in the past has funded $700, and this year they didn’t – in past has been big source
      2.                                              ii.     Fundraiser for churros and hot chocolate! In February
      3.                                             iii.     Will look at other fundraisers also
      4.                                             iv.     Social event chair may have dating auction – thinking outside the box
    12. Umang: Would recommend same amount as last year – $6,250.00
    13. Voting
      1.                                                i.     $6176.25 – 9
      2.                                              ii.     $6435.00 – 10
      3.                                             iii.     $6250.00 – 1
      4.                                             iv.     Abstain – 0
      5.                                               v.     Umang – going with 6,435.00
  3. District Record Sealing Service
    1. Gotten started with PDS as a pilot program
    2. Almost 50 people come to the meeting
    3. Given Thursday and Friday at PDS doing pro bono work sealing records
    4. 30 people setup for training and mock interviews and went really well
    5. Have asked us to expand to do other motions and do pardons
    6. Request is for food they paid for meeting and for PDS attorneys – $135.00
    7. Finance Committee – full amount
      1.                                                i.     Full amount $135.00
        1. Vote
          1. $135.00 – 20
          2. $0 – 0
          3. Abstain – 0
  4. 10.  VPF Midyear Report
    1. Shirley
      1.                                                i.     Law School Deans Total Allocation $68,763
        1. This is C-Funds
        2.                                              ii.     GWU Student Association
          1. $73,825 is what we are getting from SA but hasn’t hit account yet
          2.                                             iii.     Account balances
            1. SBA R Fund $98,578.87
            2. AD Hoc $21,709.68
            3. OOPS Fund: $1,000.00
          3.                                             iv.     Budget – President: $457.63 discretionary funds
            1. Holiday cards
            2. Stationary
          4.                                               v.     Budget – EVP
            1. $59.43
          5.                                             vi.     Budget – COS
            1. Christian has Wellness and the Retreat
            2. $781.25 wellness
            3. 510 office supplies
            4. 480 sba retreat
            5. 288.77 publicity
          6.                                            vii.     Holly
            1. Student Affairs makes a lot of money. Where does it go?
              1. Offsets overall other costs
          7.                                          viii.     Sam
            1. Move that these be part of minutes, sent to everyone else and then redacted from minutes before published
              1. Voted: Ay
            2. Nick’s discretion whether to disclose it for bylaws
          8.                                             ix.     David
            1. Were there events for volunteers?
            2. Shirley
              1. If there were there were no expenses
          9.                                               x.     Rob
            1. What is our R-Fund as SBA Executive?
              1. Barrister’s Ball uses big chunk
            2. What do you expect to remain?
              1. Not sure what will be left because I wasn’t here when amount rolled over at the beginning of the year
          10.                                             xi.     Sam
            1. Does the R fund assume the SA Allocation?
              1. Yes – $98,578.87 assumes SA allocation
            2. So we have been allocating all this money all year, what happens if SA doesn’t come in?
              1. It will. Because that is our SA fee.
          11.                                            xii.     Lenny
            1. Juan is now proxy for Mike and Umang
            2. Holly is now proxy for Kyle
            3. 12 Senators present; 8 represented by proxy; 2 unaccounted for

11. Repeal of Bylaw 605

  1. Holly
    1.                                                i.     The Gavel Club, in the last two years has not done anything – they are tasked with a list of responsibilities but have not resolved or looked for fundraising conflicts nor have they created and maintained a calendar. I think that the duties have been assumed by other Exec positions and would like to move that we abolish the Club.
    2. Rob
      1.                                                i.     I first learned of the Gavel Club when I sat down as Chair of Charter Committee and was shocked to learn that it existed. In going through and reading out what it is set to do – it seemed like the purpose is to act as Congress of Student Group Presidents to talk about common issues. It’s noble, but is unnecessary and we have a Charter Committee that has oversight and I don’t see the purpose of having an extra layer.
    3. AJ
      1.                                                i.
    4. Lenny
      1.                                                i.     Last meeting was Spring 2010 was to gather opinions about transparency legislation
    5. Sam
      1.                                                i.     If last meeting was Spring 2010 then what do Michael Johnson and Joe P. do?
    6. David
      1.                                                i.     If there are people, worthwhile to see if they want to come in
    7. Brad
      1.                                                i.     They have done this year, facilitate and manage thirsty Thursdays – they are the group that decide who has it when.
    8. Sam
      1.                                                i.     I’d like to Move for Director to come to explain duties
    9. Holly
      1.                                                i.     Agreed – want to get these things moving
    10. Tabled to next meeting
    11. Holly
      1.                                                i.     Motion to have Nick and Gavel Club to come to next meeting and show why the Gavel Club should not be abolished
        1. Yay
  2. 12.  Senate Committee Designations of Responsibilities Act
    1. Rob
      1.                                                i.     This will consolidate the committees and their responsibilities
        1. So year to year when people are appointed chairs, people can look to something in writing to see what they are supposed to be doing
        2.                                              ii.     Reached out to existing chairs to get language together
        3.                                             iii.     Describes what we are already doing
        4.                                             iv.     Last amendment was at suggestion of Dean Berman to create a database in alumni office – that they would maintain – that would track active student groups for future purposes to be connected.
    2. Adam
      1.                                                i.     I have to heard out, I don’t know if that means we leaves quorum
      2.                                              ii.     Rob is proxy
    3. Holly
      1.                                                i.     Motion to defer relevant parts to committees
      2.                                              ii.     Voted – unanimous

13. Charter Committee Reform and Empowerment Act

  1. Rob
    1.                                                i.     Started writing this last June
    2.                                              ii.     When I became chair of charter committee, it needed help
    3.                                             iii.     This behemoth takes on very different things I have encountered throughout the year
    4.                                             iv.     I sent a memo out which breaks down technical language which explains a little deeper and gives rational
    5.                                               v.     For the most part this codifies what we already do
    6. David
      1.                                                i.     Wise – start where emails left off? Some discussion as to why we were discussing organizations to have a signed listing of proposed members
    7. Rob
      1.                                                i.     This codifies process – which is reflected in student org guide. Rules I promulgated myself as Chair – not binding. Wanted to write them into by-laws. I personally think it makes sense that when a student org applies, they need to submit mission and list of 20 students who intend to become members of group. I think the rationale behind that is that we should expect if we are going to create org it is not 2 people who have common hobby to get money. Acts to guard against that. Also, when people start groups, they are getting others involved and warrants representation by whole SBA. 20 is an arbitrary number – I understand IRAP didn’t envision that their group would ever be more than 20 people – had discretion to waive rule. Senate can vote to waive requirement.
    8. Lenny
      1.                                                i.     The promissory notes would never have more than 20 people – that would just be a shitty a cappela group
    9. Rob
      1.                                                i.     Goals
        1. Change name of organization b/c then it will reflect the charter and student org oversight
        2. Statement of interest – codifies what we already do
        3. Current by laws require notice before we can vote on student org – never followed them in 2 years, so I thought they were unnecessarily burdensome – like any other vote they follow normal process. Current rule says you can only vote in 2nd meeting in October or January and any other vote was unanimous
        4. Make sure when a group does go before the Senate, opportunity to make a presentation so that groups can have Q&A
        5. Biggest thing I have encountered is that charter committee is supposed to keep constitutions but we had none
        6. Gavel club is supposed to but they don’t keep them
        7. Working with Sam Dillon to get constitutions on website
        8. Clarifying the outline for sba constitution format – numbering got messed up so changed it to follow orderly scheme
        9. A lot of orgs have wanted to change their name and there is no process in writing on how to do this
        10.                                              ii.     If you want to take a second look and send questions, I would like to get passed before we swear in new session
    10. AJ
      1.                                                i.     I like it but I will be champion for eliminating student requirement and we can take care of it on the funding side
      2.                                              ii.     It is a logisitical hurdle and subjective
    11. Sam
      1.                                                i.     If you can’t find 19 other people, then why even spend our time and student’s time and if we are going to charter stuff, and not fund them, that just wastes our time. I think 20 is fine.
    12. Rob
      1.                                                i.     Fair debate, it is sort of arbitrary. But, whether it is the VP of Finance or Charter Committee, there is a lot of bookkeeping involved on the backside falling out of existence, and puts an onus on us to continually figure out what is going on with the groups – are they still active? Inquiry? Fundraiser? Elections? Website? Excel sheets, etc. A lot of moving pieces
    13. David
      1.                                                i.     Point out, I don’t think it’s a waste of time for us to recognize someone’s interest as legit. As long as its not being abused, then I think its okay. A lot of interests may not be popular, so we should encourage them.
    14. Juan
      1.                                                i.     I am for the requirement, because a student organization is not just for people to get together and have fun – it’s to expand that interest and get people involved. Like IRAP, it was to spread awareness. If you have people coming in  with minor interest with no effort by not even at least trying to reach out – defeats purpose of student organization.
    15. Holly
      1.                                                i.     I agree with Juan, Rob and Sam
    16. David
      1.                                                i.     That’s the whole point why we are here – they get a chance to speak and decide if it’s legitimate
    17. Rob
      1.                                                i.     This by law doesn’t preclude us as a Senate from considering validity of organization. If the group doesn’t have 20, then we say we submit it to Senate. I cannot make any comment on the validity of the Student org
    18. David
      1.                                                i.     As written, would you have to let them come to the Senate?
    19. Rob
      1.                                                i.     It’s actually worse now, because I could say no on my own, so the rules would be binding regardless of who the chair is and would force discussion about organization.
    20. Sam
      1.                                                i.     I agree with Rob.
    21. AJ
      1.                                                i.     I just don’t see that 20 person should be the default. It should be the other way. Default should be to let you in. We think we should be 4 or 5 people.
    22. Juan
      1.                                                i.     Move to table
        1. Ay

14. Senator Soapbox

  1. Rob
    1.                                                i.     Wrote op-ed and will send to senate on 2L Transfer Enfranchisement and if you would like to put your name on it
    2.                                              ii.     Sam Dillon is taking on a lot of work to offer every student org a website linking from SBA website
    3.                                             iii.     We should want to run out of money because if every year we are budgeting to meet exact amount each year, we will never have a case to go to the Deans and say give us more money. The best way is to run-out and mid-Spring, and show them – that, and a lot of angry students, to create pressure. If every year we spread out $30k even though we get groups, we will never get more than that.
    4. AJ
      1.                                                i.     How do we know what voter turnout was last Spring?
      2.                                              ii.     Lenny
        1. I will check
        2.                                             iii.     Rob
          1. It was low

15. Community Comment

  1. 2/18 is deadline on articles for senate


April 5, 2011 Minutes

Senate Meeting Agenda

8:30pm – April 5, 2011 L202

  1. Roll Call
    1. Present

i.     Giri

ii.     Holly

iii.     Justin

iv.     Matt (proxy for Jackie)

v.     Floyd

vi.     Janet

vii.     Steph

viii.     Patrick

ix.     Dean

x.     Brad Carrol

xi.     Alex

xii.     Sam

xiii.     Rob

  1. Absent

i.     Brad H

ii.     Jackie

  1. Quorum is present
  2. Getting to know each other
  3. Introduction to Senate Procedure
  4. Confirmation of Executive Officers

(pursuant to SBA Constitution Art. II, Sec. 3, Cl. 6, and Bylaw 201)

  1. Vice President of Finance

i.     Confirmed

  1. Chief of Staff

i.     Confirmed

  1. Vice President of Outreach

i.     Confirmed

  1. Vice President of Programming

i.     Confirmed

  1. Vice President of Student Affairs

i.     Confirmed

  1. Vice President of First Year Students

i.     Confirmed

  1. Information about Senate Committees
    1. Academic Policy
    2. Charter
    3. Facilities and Technology

i.     Patrick: Survey was sent out, compiling results to present to administration

ii.     Lenny: GW Law facilities email address for students to report issues around the school

  1. Finance
  2. Senate Rules & Constitution
  3. Student Wellness & Programming
  4. Senator Soapbox
  5. Community Comment
    1. Rob: Evening Law Student Association is back up and running, elected a board, looking forward to being more active next year
    2. Nick: More keycards for SBA office will be given out for use by senators and executive members, great space for committee meetings, working lunches, etc.

i.     Also, fall SBA retreat to be planned, attendance will be required, purpose to work on connecting legislative and executive sides of the SBA

  1. Matt: Plug for finance committee, it is time intensive but play a major role in what we do in the senate, disbursement of funds to the student organizations
  2. Justin: Evening law student meeting was very successful and had a lot of enthusiasm, hope to create a stronger sense of community, working on bringing the evening law students into the fold with the day students
  3. Lenny: Wednesday April 13th is the SBA’s student recognition awards, looking for nominations, more information found on SBA website
  4. Adjournment
    1. Motion to Adjourn. Seconded.
    2. Adjourned at 9:15pm.