The Executive and Legislative branches of The George Washington University Law School Student Bar Association (SBA) are made up of students who were elected by their peers to occupy leadership positions. The SBA Elections Committee initiates, organizes, oversees, and reports on the election of every one of those elected officials within the SBA. The Elections Committee is a wing of the SBA Executive Branch. The Elections Committee is chaired by an Elections Director, who must be nominated by the SBA President and approved by the SBA Senate before taking office. All other members of the Elections Committee must also pass through this same nomination and approval process. Guided by the Election Bylaws that have been passed by the SBA Senate and signed into effect by the SBA President (SBA Bylaws 800 – 830), the Elections Committee fashions and enforces the rules whereby all SBA elections are carried out.

Branch Members

Director of Elections and Assistant Director(s)
This individual is responsible for soliciting SBA candidates, publicizing elections, and carrying out any such elections in both the fall and the spring. Duties include coordinating the Town Hall meetings, holding information sessions on elections, and creating an elections report that will be published to the student body. This is a critical position requiring someone with strong interpersonal skills who can also objectively and even handedly enforce reasonable campaign rules against candidates.

Elections Committee
These individuals work with the Director of Elections and Assistant Director to conduct SBA elections.