Meet the Branch

The SBA’s Finance Branch is responsible for overseeing all of the SBA’s financial affairs. Specifically, Finance processes all student organizations’ and the SBA’s financial requests including reimbursement requests, deposit requests, p-card requests, contracts, and PayPal requests. Finance also maintains regular records of finances including maintenance of student organization and SBA accounts. In order to facilitate its duties and keep the SBA apprised of all financial matters, the Finance branch sets finance guidelines and procedures and makes regular reports of finances to the Executive and Legislative branches.

The Vice President of Finance (VPF) is responsible for overseeing all Finance Branch activities described above. In addition to this, the VPF serves as a liaison between student organizations and the University Finance Department for all financial matters. Throughout the year, the VPF also trains student organization leadership to properly implement the finance guidelines and procedures. Contact the VPF here.

Vice President of Finance (2019-20) – Aaron Parnas

Aaron Parnas is a third year law student from Boca Raton, Florida. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Criminal Justice.

At GW Law, Aaron is a Managing Editor of the George Washington International Law Review and a member of both the Mock Trial Board and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board. This year, Aaron will be participating in the Criminal Appeals & Post-Conviction Services Clinic. During his 2L year, Aaron also served as a Marshall Inn of Court Advisor.

Most recently, Aaron worked as a Summer Associate at Greenberg Traurig, LLP in Miami, Florida. After law school, Aaron hopes to work as a litigator with a focus in white collar criminal defense.

Branch Members

Deputy Vice Presidents of Finance (“DVPF”)
2019-20 Deputy Vice Presidents of Finance:
The DVPFs will act as point persons for all student organizations. In this capacity, DVPFs will assist their designated student organizations with their financial needs, including reimbursement requests, p-card requests, contracts, and PayPal requests. DVPFs will ensure that their designated student organizations utilize proper finance procedures when making their financial requests. DVPFs also assist the VPF in training student organization leadership to properly implement the finance guidelines and procedures. Find your org’s finance branch point of contact here.

Finance Comptrollers
2019-20 Finance Comptrollers: OPEN
This position is responsible for all bookkeeping for assigned student organizations, including any requests by student organizations to seek funding from the university student government. The Comptroller will assist the VPF in his/her duties in processing disbursements to student organizations.