Meet the Branch

The First Year Students Branch (“FYS”) is designed to help assist 1Ls through their first year of law school. FYS is led by the Vice President of First Year Students and assists with orientation, manages the student to student mentoring program, and provides student advisors for the Inns of Court program. FYS facilitates the 1L Leadership Board and allows for 1Ls to advocate on behalf of their peers. This structure allows FYS to enhance the law school experience for all incoming students.

Vice President of First Year Students (18-19) - Jordan Hare

Ali Kingston

Jordan is a 2L from Colorado Springs, CO. She graduated from the University of Alabama in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Communication Studies. She is a member of the O’Connor Inn of Court, and served on the 1L Leadership Board during her first year of law school. Jordan spent her summer working at the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project. In her free time, Jordan enjoys spending time outdoors on the beach or in the mountains.

Branch Members (2018 - 19)

Director of Orientation: Maggie Vander Woude
Assistant Director of Orientation: Alexis Ferrucio
Assistant Director of Orientation: Grace Lunden
Inns of Court Liaison: Preeti Rangaraj
Director of Mentoring: Jeanel Sunga
Assistant Director of Mentoring: Trina Kwon
Director of 1L Leadership Board: Maggie Vander Woude