Thirsty Thursday Sponser Request

Before you can host Thirsty Thursday, you must be aware of the the School’s Alcohol policy, which can be found here.

At the bottom of this page, there will be link to the form you fill out to request Thirsty Thursday hosting time. A summary of the basic rules is below, however, you should read the actual HPPS policy linked above. Or here: GW Law Events with Alcohol Submission Guide 2016-2017

You will need things such as:

  1. Officers to licence drinkers at the entrance of the event
  2. Sober Monitors in abundance present at the entire event
  3. Food and non-alcoholic beverages available for everyone
  4. A space on campus
All of this must be done and sorted out prior to registering to host Thirsty Thursday. Hosting Thirsty Thursday is a lot of work, but it important we follow these rules in order to retain our ability to host events with alcohol.
Student Bar Association Chartered Organizations who have read the linked policy, have set everything up, and know what they want to do, can register at this link.