The Judicial Branch is composed of four Associate Judges and one Chief Judge, nominated by the President, and confirmed by the Senate, to terms that last as long as they are students at the law school. The Court interprets the Constitution and Bylaws and settles other disputes. It may also issue advisory opinions upon request from the Senate.

The court rules can be found here.

2016-2017 Board Membership

    Chief Judge Katelin Shugart-Schmidt (2L)

    Associate Judge Rick Oleka (3L)

    Associate Judge Franchiny Ovalle (2L)

Associate Judge Michael Sheehan (1L)

Associate Judge Jihad Komis (1L)

2015-2016 Board Membership

Chief Judge Katelin Shugart-Schmidt
Associate Judge Natalee Allenbaugh
Associate Judge Ariel Glickman
Associate Judge Rick Oleka
Associate Judge Franchiny Ovalle


In Re Senate Bill No. 11
Integrity in Senate Transparency Act Decision
In Re Law Revue Constitution