APALSA is a national organization for Asian Pacific American and other interested law students. It is committed to provide academic, professional, and social support for APA students, and to highlight the contributions of APA students at the George Washington University Law School.

Throughout the year, APALSA organizes various activities, including:

– Academic and professional panels and lectures, with a focus on diversity in the legal profession;
– Networking and social events with APA students and legal practitioners; and
– Cultural events to deepen APA connections.

We strive to foster a sense of community not only within the GW community, but also with APALSA organizations from other schools, practicing APA attorneys in the greater DC metro area, and the APA community at large.

We strongly encourage persons to join and take advantage of the opportunities that we have to offer, especially entering 1Ls. One of the GW law school’s strengths is the kindness, professionalism, and supportive nature of the individual students here. GW Law APALSA is no different; we are committed to helping each-other and working together to create a strong APA community that will help each person succeed, both in law school and after graduation. If you have any questions, whether it’s journal, networking, moot court/mock trial, the job search, legal research and writing, or outlining for finals, contact any one of our board members. You will not find a friendlier, talented, and more helpful bunch of upperclassmen!

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