Benefits of Membership

In addition to a description of what we do on our About Us page, check out these other reasons to rank International Law in Domestic Courts (ILDC) highly:

  • GW is the only law school in the country that has a contract with Oxford University Press and reports on US court cases that discuss issues of international law;
  • Every ILDC member is guaranteed to have their headnotes published by Oxford University Press (headnotes are short case summaries that include original analysis by the author);
  • ILDC members can write about the areas of public international law that they find most interesting;
  • Some members of the E-Board travel abroad for training/writing opportunities;
  • ILDC is the only self-funded journal; therefore, ILDC is able to send all interested 2L students to conferences on international law to cultivate their interests and knowledge;
  •  ILDC is the smallest journal on campus and all members have close working relationships with the E-Board and faculty advisor; and
  • The substantive work ILDC members do helps them develop concise writing and strong analytical skills transferable to any area of law.