Upcoming Events – Nov. 9, 2013

GW Law School IL Events
1.  Wednesday, November 13, 10 am, Moot Court Room:  Israeli Judge (Ret.) Amnon Straschnov (former Military Advocate General of the Israeli Defense Forces, holding the rank of Brigadier-General; President of the Military Courts in the West-Bank; and Chief Military Prosecutor). Judge Straschnov will discuss human rights and the West Bank.


2.  Wednesday, November 13, 3 pm, Moot Court Room:  GW Law co-hosts with the World Bank-IFC the launch of the2014 Women, Business and the Law.  Speakers are GW Law Professor Karen Brown; GW’s Director of Global Women’s Institute Dr. Mary Ellsberg; and the World Bank’s Nayda L. Almodovar-Reteguis.    


3.  Monday, November 18, 6 pm, Faculty Conference Center:  GW Law hosts a reception in honor of attendees at the World Bank’s Law, Justice and Development Week forum.


DC Bar’s International Dispute Resolution Committee Events

(1)     China and Beyond: Understanding State Owned Enterprises and State Immunity in International Arbitration — Nov. 5, 4:00 – 7:30 pm including reception (NB — the prior email incorrectly listed the start  time)

(2)     Symposium: Salient Issues in International Commercial Arbitration — Nov. 7 (full day program).

(3)    Do States Draft their BITs and FTAs with Sufficient Clarity? An Arbitrator’s View Point (Bernard Hanotiau) — Nov. 18, 5:30 pm (reception),6:30 pm (lecture)

(4)     BG Group v. Argentina: The Oral Argument Today Before the Supreme Court — Dec. 2, 12:30 – 2:00 p.m.including lunch

Flexing Author’s Rights – Nov. 7th


American University Washington College of Law
Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property

The 2nd Annual Peter Jaszi Distinguished Lecture: 
Professor Bernt Hugenholtz – Flexing Authors’ Rights

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November 7, 2013 | Room 603
5:30 Reception | 6:15 Lecture | 7:30 Dinner Reception
American University Washington College of Law
For registration, CLE and live/on-demand webcast:

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Prof. Hugenholtz: Flexing Authors’ Rights

The global future of cultural institutions, information industries, and individual creative work hinges, in part, on present decisions about the scope and character of copyright exceptions and limitations. Almost everyone agrees that modern copyright law needs to be flexible in order to accommodate rapid technological change and evolving media uses. In the United States fair use is the flexible instrument of choice. Author’s rights systems in Europe are generally deemed to be less flexible and less tolerant to open-ended limitations and exceptions. But are they really?This lecture makes the case that (1) author’s rights systems can be made as flexible as common law copyright systems, and (2) that the existing EU legal framework does not preclude the development of flexible norms at the national level.
Bernt Hugenholtz is Professor of law and Director of the Institute for Information Law (IViR) at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a professor at the University of Bergen (Norway), and regularly teaches at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (Munich), Monash University (Melbourne) and Charles University (Prague).He is the co-author, with Prof. Paul Goldstein (Stanford University), of International Copyright. Principles, Law, and Practice (Oxford University Press, 3nd ed. 2012), and has written extensively on a range of copyright-related issues. He has acted as an advisor to the World Intellectual Property Organization, the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Netherlands Ministry of Justice.

Prof. Hugenholtz is widely regarded as the foremost expert on copyright in the EU. He was a member of the Drafting Committee of the Wittem Project, a collaboration between copyright scholars across Europe that produced the ground-breaking model “EuropeanCopyright Code” in 2010. With Ian Hargreaves, he authored the 2013 Lisbon Council policy brief on “Copyright Reform for Growth and Jobs: Modernising the European CopyrightFramework.”

Recent publications are available at http://www.ivir.nl/staff/hugenholtz.html.

CODEPINK 2013 Drone Summit – Nov. 16-17th

Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance
Washington DC, November 16-17, 2013
 Register Now!The peace group CODEPINK, progressive think-tank Institute for Policy Studies, The Nation Magazine, and National Lawyers Guild (Georgetown Chapter) are hosting a second drone summit titled “Drones Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance” in Washington, DC.

We are bringing together drone survivors and families of victims from Pakistan and Yemen, human rights advocates, lawyers, authors, social media experts, technology experts, artists and musicians, and grassroots activists for an International Drone Summit.

  • Time: Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:30 pm and Sunday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Location: Georgetown Law Center, Hart Auditorium


The program will include:

  • Opening Remarks by Dr. Cornel West
  • Victims’ Testimonies: Honoring Voices, Acknowledging Lives
  • Drone Operators: Commanding the Machines
  • From Planes to Killer Robots: The Changing Face of Warfare
  • I Spy: Drones and the Surveillance State
  • Compensation: Helping with Loss
  • Global Action to Regulate Drones: The United Nations and the International Movement
  • Creative Resistance to Drone Warfare, Art and Poetry From Around the World
  • Drop Beats Not Bombs concert featuring Cornel West Theory
  • Film screenings throughout the weekend
  • Workshops on Sunday for direct action training, street theater, props making, social media and student organizing
  • Speakers include international law expert Mary Ellen O’Connell, Majorie Cohen, Amnesty International’s Zeke Johnson, ACLU’s Hina Shamsi, Pakistani attorney for drone victims Shahzad Akbar, author of Drone Warfare Medea Benjamin, Retired Colonel Ann Wright, Pakistani analyst and activist Noor Mir, UK/Europe drone expert Chris Cole, renowned British scientist and activist Noel Sharkey, inventor of Dronestagram James Bridle, designer of drone-repellent stealthwear Adam Harvey, and peace activists Kathy Kelly and Brian Terrell.

Sunday, November 17th, will be a strategy session to look at how to better coordinate the work and to lay the foundation for a Global Drones Network.

  • Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Location: Georgetown Law Center

Sunday’s session is for representatives of organizations and individuals who want to be actively involved in the work of a Global Drones Network. If you are interested in attending Sunday’s session, please email Noor Mir at noor@codepink.org. We welcome all individuals and organizations to join us in this new initiative.


- See more at:http://codepinkalert.org/article.php?id=6457

The International Fight Against Corruption: Are the OECD and UN Conventions Achieving their Objectives? – Dec. 4th
Registration for the forthcoming OECD/UNCAC conference at George Washington University Law School on December 4th from 8 AM – 7 PM is only a month away.This year’s event pays tribute to Mark Pieth for his 25 years serving as Chairman of the OECD Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions.  Mark will be delivering the key-note luncheon address.Registration information can be found here: http://www.law.gwu.edu/News/2013-2014events/Pages/TheInternationalFightAgainstCorruption.aspx

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