Congratulations to the new E-Board!

ILS has chosen its executive board for next year:

President: Dan Fiedler
Vice President: Johannes Munter
Treasurer: Nicole Henry
Secretary: Margaux Roussel
International Law Week Coordinator: Anna Luft

If you’re still interested in taking a more active role next year, the E-Board will select language table coordinators at the beginning of the Fall semester.

In addition, the following Amendments to the ILS Constitution were ratified:
Amendment 1: Gender Neutral Language
Change all relevant sections of the constitution to be gender neutral (e.g. Section 208.1) 
Amendment 2: Combining Communications Director & Secretary 
Consolidate the ad hoc position of Communications Director (pursuant to Sect. 214) & Secretary, so that the role of Secretary includes the Communications Director’s duties.
Amendment 3: Number of E-board Meetings Required per semester 
Change Sect. 207 to read ..”The Board shall meet at least once per semester…” 
Amendment 4:  One-time Membership Fee Requirement
Change Sect. 103 to require a one-time dues payment, instead of an annual payment
Amendment 5: Removal of Organizational Representative Position 
Remove Section 213 (Organizational Representative Duties) and vest all responsibilities to Treasurer (Sect. 210).
The  ILS Constitution will be amended accordingly.

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