Welcome to ILS! (2018-2019)

The International Law Society (ILS) is happy to welcome its returning and new ILS members to a year of international law activities, scholarship and opportunities in and around GW and DC! Members will participate in international law events, raise awareness for global issues, and prepare for careers in the field of international law.

We are also happy to extend our congratulations to this year’s Executive Board.

President: Sophia Arrighi                                                                                                  Vice President: Isabel Wojtowicz                                                                          Treasurer: Ben Smith                                                                                                        Chief of Events: Ashley Young                                                                                Secretary: Zach Clouse

If you’re still interested in taking a more active role next year, the E-Board will be holding elections in September. Sign up for our mailing list to learn more!

Feel free to email ILS at ils@law.gwu.edu if you have any questions.

All the best,
International Law Society
The George Washington University Law School

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