Language Discussion Groups

For GW ILS and GW law students alike, please take notice of the start this week of language discussion groups in Spanish and Arabic (students must be at least intermediate level – not for beginners).


Tuesday afternoons

12 noon – 1:00 p.m., Stuart 402

Discussion Leader:  Aziz Al-Alami, 2L  (from Saudi Arabia)


Wednesday afternoons

4:45 – 5:45 p.m., Lerner 301

Discussion Leader:  Roberto Fernandez, LL.M. (from Puerto Rico)

The sessions will meet weekly for the balance of the semester and there is no cost to students to participate.  Your discussion leader will typically select a short newspaper article or online piece to read each week that will serve as the focal point of discussion.  Legal terms will be covered in the discussions where relevant. Other language discussion groups are in the works and are likely to be offered in the near future or by the spring semester.

For students who have interest in studying a language at the beginners level, please consult the University’s online course catalogue for courses starting in the spring 2013 semester.  According to ABA rules, academic credit for language study may not be counted toward the JD or LL.M. course requirements for graduation, however, students may register for credit-bearing courses through the Dean of Students Office and the credits will be reflected on a transcript as credits in excess of the minimum necessary to graduate.  Students who pay full-time tuition will not pay additional fees, but students who pay by the credit hour would indeed be charged for enrollment in language courses.  Other language study options for beginners include courses offered by the USDA Graduate School and study via the Rosetta Stone methodology.