PayPal Policy and Request

The GW SBA Finance team, PayPal Director, and Director of Technology are all working to create a newer more responsive process for creating and managing PayPal buttons.

In the mean time, if you need a PayPal button for a Student Organization Fundraiser, email The SBA Technology team will then make sure the correct people are notified, and will create your button during the transition. Just be aware, it usually takes the Technology Team a couple of days to create a button. It takes even longer at the beginning and end of the semester. Please try to submit your PayPal button requests a week and a half before your fundraiser needs the button.

Additionally, the SBA Technology Team does not answer requests about the status of your fundraiser. The Technology team will not answer the question “How much have we sold so far”. If you believe that your button is not working (it happens occasionally), the Technology Team will check to make sure the button is functioning.