The Student Bar Association Senate is chaired by the Executive Vice President, and each class and Inn is represented by an elected Senator whose term lasts one year.

The SBA Senate proposes, considers, and votes on legislation. This includes approving the Student Bar Association Budget, chartering student organizations, funding ad-hoc requests for student organization funding,  and establishing Bylaws which govern SBA actions. The Senate also confirms Executive Board and Judicial Branch presidential appointees.

SBA Senate meetings for the fall 2016 semester are scheduled on Tuesdays at 9 P.M. in LLC006 on the following dates: 08/30, 09/13, 09/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/9 (Wednesday), and 11/29.

SBA Senate meetings for the spring 2017 semester are scheduled on Wednesdays at 9 P.M. in LLC006 on the following dates: 01/11 (postponed), 01/25, 02/08, 02/22, 03/15,  03/22, 04/05 (postponed), and 04/12.

All members of the GW Law Community are welcome to attend the Senate meetings.

Chair of the Senate

Michael J. Omboni, SBA Executive Vice President

Officers of the Senate

Christine Coogle, SBA Senate Co-Secretary
Rachel Sullivan, SBA Senate Co-Secretary
John McGeehan, SBA Chief of Staff
Matthew Piscitelli, SBA Vice President of Finance

Currently assigned Pro Tempore: Gil Landau
Parliamentarian: Donald Crowell
Sergeant at Arms: Sean Winker


Finance Committee
Chair: Donald Crowell
Members: Sean Winker, Caleb Raymond, Dimitri Vaynshteyn, Corey Garlick, Jordan Fleischer, Alexis Pierce, Matthew Sanford

Audit Committee
Chair: Mehrgol Khan
Members: Theodore Nastase, Surya Iyer, Umair Mamsa, Krista Johnson,
Financial Coordinator: Dimitri Vaynshteyn

Academic Policy Committee
Chair: Megan Steffl
Members: Samantha Block, Corey Garlick, Ashima Talwar, Jia Qin, Jonathan Marvisi

Student Organization and Charter Committee
Chair: Samantha Block
Members: Mehrgol Khan, Matthew Sanford, Umair Mamsa

Student Wellness & Programming Committee
Chair: Sean Winker
Members: Megan Steffl, Theodore Nastase, Graham Gardner, Krista Johnson

Senate Rules & Constitution Committee
Chair: Kevin Wiatrak
Members: Donald Crowell, Warren Kessler, Jordan Fleischer, Matthew Sanford, Meghan McConnell

Facilities & Technology Committee
Chair: Gil Landau
Members: Surya Iyer, Graham Gardner
Submit a Facilities Request

Appointments Committee
Chair: Caleb Raymond
Members: Warren Kessler, Ashima Talwar

Ad Hoc Grad Week Committee
Chair:Alexis Pierce
Members: Gil Landau, Kevin Wiatrak, Jia Qin, Jonathan Marvisi

Inn Senators

Day at Large: Samantha Block
Evening at Large: Caleb Raymond
Transfer: Umair Mamsa
LL.M / SJD: Jia Qin

Louis Brandeis Inn

3L: Kevin Wiatrak
2L: Dimitri Vaynshteyn
1L: Theodore Nastase

Benjamin Cardozo Inn

3L: Warren Kessler
2L: Sean Winker
1L: Surya Iyer

Robert Jackson Inn

3L: Alexis Pierce
2L: Donald Crowell
1L: Matthew Sanford

John Jay Inn

4LE: Gil Landau
3LE: Jonathan Marvisi
2LE: Ashima Talwar
1LE: Meghan McConnell

John Marshall Inn

3L: Megan Steffl
2L: Jordan Fleischer
1L: Krista Johnson

Sandra Day O’Connor Inn

3L: Mehrgol Khan
2L: Corey Garlick
1L: Graham Gardner

2016-17 SBA Senate