Meet the Branch

The Student Bar Association Senate is chaired by the Executive Vice President, and each class and Inn is represented by an elected Senator whose term lasts one year. The SBA Senate proposes, considers, and votes on legislation. This includes approving the Student Bar Association Budget, chartering student organizations, funding ad-hoc requests for student organization funding, and establishing Bylaws which govern SBA actions. The Senate also confirms Executive Board and Judicial Branch presidential appointees.

All members of the GW Law Community are welcome to attend the Senate meetings.

Executive Vice President (2018-19) – Matt Sanford

The EVP chairs the meetings of the SBA Senate and ensures that the business of the Senate is performed in a successful and efficient manner. The EVP also develop programs to train new senators upon their introduction to the body, as well as assign senators to the various senate committees to ensure the Senate serves all the needs of the GW Law community. They also work closely with the President as a member of the Executive Board to find ways to improve the law school in general.

Matt Sanford was elected Executive Vice President of the GW Law Student Bar Association for the 2018-2019 Academic Year. He previously served two terms as a senator for the Jackson Inn before running for EVP. Matt’s desire to serve his community comes from an understanding that he owes all his success to others who lift him into opportunity and that opportunity for others is best found in a kinder, more inclusive world.

Matt is from just up the Red Line in Rockville, MD and graduated from Towson University with degrees in political science, international studies, and economics. He is now drawn to representing indigent criminal defendants as a public defender.

Branch Appointed Positions

Director of Legislative Affairs
This individual is responsible to working closely with the EVP to monitor and examine legislation presented to the Senate. As such, they help the Executive form their opinions and responses to legislation on an ad-hoc basis. Additionally, the Director of Legislative Affairs works with the EVP to coordinate with senators regarding mutually beneficial bills and acts, and to ensure that all parties are on similar pages.

Secretary of the Senate
The Secretaries are responsible for ensuring transparency concerning Senate business. The Secretaries publish meeting minutes and enacted bills and periodically update the SBA website. Secretaries also ensure that the Senate hears from valuable stakeholders when conducting its business.