Academic Policy Committee
The Academic Policy Committee is in charge of staying up to date and making recommendations on current academic courses, the academic calendar, and non-curricular programs and services that enhance the academic experience of students. In addition, the Academic Policy Committee also manages and publicizes the GW SBA Outline Bank as well as the Post-Class Course Evaluations.

Student Organization and Charter Committee
The Charter Committee keeps and maintains records of student organizations and materials to aid in the forming of new student groups. In addition, the Charter Committee investigates suspected violations of SBA rules on the part of student groups and approves student group advertising.

Facilities and Technology Committee
The Facilities and Technology Committee monitors and responds to facilities complaints received by the GW SBA and maintains records of such complaints. The Committee is also tasked with working with the Administration on improving the campus facilities for all students.

Student Wellness and Programming Committee
The Student Wellness and Programming Committee is in charge of actively promoting a culture of wellness at the law school. To do this, the Committee creates legislation for programs,and meets regularly with key administration officials and student representatives in order to establish working relationships and implement ideas and programming to foster mental wellness among students at the law school.

Rules and Constitution Committee
The Rules and Constitution Committee is the general authority on the interpretation of the SBA Bylaws and Constitution in the Senate. In this role, the Committee provides reports on the constitutionality and general effect of legislation that comes before the Senate and drafts legislation to update the Bylaws and Constitution.

Appointments Committee
The Appointments Committee facilitates the Senate’s consideration of the Executive Branch appointments that require the advice and consent of the Senate for confirmation and appointment to the SBA Judiciary. In fulfilling this role, the Committee contacts and collects information of the nominees that pertain to their appointments and conveys reports on the nominated candidates to the full Senate.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee is tasked with reviewing the spending of funds that are dispersed by the SBA Senate to ensure that the funds are being spent in the appropriate manners for which they were dispersed. In order to carry out this purpose, the Committee reviews information submitted by student groups, attends events periodically, issues reports when groups are believed not to be complying with their responsibilities, and recommends punitive measures when groups are found to be in violation.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees the financial and budgeting activities of the SBA. The Committee reviews all budget requests by student groups and proposals for disbursement of funds to the eligible student groups, hears requests for ad hoc funding requests and makes recommendations for senate approval, and drafts legislation relating to the financial and budget process.