Chair of the Senate
SBA Executive Vice President: Amanda Townsend

Officers of the Senate
SBA Directors of Legislative Affairs: Shannon Sylvester, Remy Barnwell
SBA Senate Secretary: Allie Pisula, Yun-Da Tsai
SBA Chief of Staff: Jordan Hare
SBA Vice President of Finance: Aaron Parnas

Pro Tempore: Yun-Da Tsai
Sergeant at Arms:


Senators are elected representatives of their respective constituencies. In this capacity, senators attend and participate in regularly scheduled SBA Senate meetings. Senators are charged with gathering information about the functions of the SBA and reporting that information to their respective constituencies. Senators serve on Senate committees and work together to draft legislation to improve the great experience for the GW Law community.


Day at Large: Jendaya Bell
Evening at Large: Dana Gibson
Transfer: Heewon Lee
LL.M / SJD: Yves Heuser

Louis Brandeis Inn

3L: Daniel Pope
2L: Tracy Wolf
1L: Tyrus Jackson

Benjamin Cardozo Inn

3L: John Hindley
2L: Wilson Carneiro
1L: Molly Brown

Robert Jackson Inn

3L: Andrew Trinker
2L: Jordan Jean
1L: Matilda Meade

John Jay Inn

4LE: Danielle Rodriguez
3LE: Austin Szabo
1LE: Adam Manning

Thurgood Marshall Inn

3L: Ben Smith
2L: Ravi Shah
1L: Andrew Wise

Sandra Day O’Connor Inn

3L: Courtney Dickson
2L: Joshua Gilmer
1L: Nima Youchidje