Starting a Student Organization

SBA Bylaw 601 vests the Senate with the authority to recognize student organizations, and details the process groups must go through in order to become an official student organization.

A group wishing to become an official student organization must contact the Senate Student Organization and Charter Committee (“Charter Committee”) and provide the committee with a statement of interest that includes:

  1. The proposed student organization’s name;
  2. Mission statement;
  3. Statement of the proposed student organization’s goals and purpose; and
  4. List of 20 or more current GW Law students interested [i1] in membership in the proposed student organization.

The proposed student organization must follow instructions from the Charter Committee, meet the Charter Committee’s criteria, and submit a proposed constitution to the Charter Committee. If proposed student organization is an affiliate of a national organization, the proposed student organization may use that national organization’s constitution if the national organization so requires. SBA Bylaw 604(D).

Once the proposed student organization has met the requirements detailed in Bylaw 601, the Charter Committee will submit the proposed student organization to the Senate for a vote on official recognition.

Prior to the Senate voting on recognition, leaders of the proposed student organization will have an opportunity to address the Senate about the proposed student organization and answer questions the Senate has.

Once the Senate votes to recognize the proposed student organization, the organization will enter a probationary period, which is described in SBA Bylaw 907(b).