SBA hosted websites

The SBA provides free web hosting to every student organization that is officially chartered with the SBA. This means that each student group will have its own web presence with the ability to post and share content with the student body and others.

What the SBA offers:

  • A private installation of WordPress (, the world’s most popular blogging and web publishing software
  • A professional URL:
  • A link from straight to your organization’s website
  • An easy to use interface that doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML or web programming
  • Support for multiple users, pages, blogging, customizable themes, bells, whistles, etc.
  • 1.0 GB of file hosting space to host files, documents, images, etc.
  • Default content that can be edited and replaced with what you want

To get an idea of what your organization can do you can visit some of the active pages of student organizations.

If you WANT a website:

If you are the president of a student organization that is officially chartered by the SBA, you can email Director of Technology with the following information and the Tech Team will set up your page and email you with further instructions:

  1. An Organization representative’s name and email address.
  2. Your organization’s official acronym.
  3. A statement to the effect of “why yes I would like a free website for my organization”.

Once you have spent some time fleshing out the content of your website, you can distribute the link to whomever you want and we can link to it from the SBA website.

If you are either terrified of the idea of having a website or don’t really see why you would want one:

We recognize that Facebook and email provide a viable alternative to having a conventional website. However, having a personalized website lets you do many things, including:

  • host images, documents, and PDFs that are then linked to from an email.
  • show up in Google when someone searches for your organization (“GW SIPLA”) or an upcoming event (“GW ALES fashion week”).
  • provide a good introduction for current students looking to get involved in the organization (“I really should get around to going to a SALSA event, I wonder what they’re up to”).
  • provide context to outsiders such as employers, professionals thinking of collaborating with us, parents, etc.
  • attract future students to the endless possibilities of getting involved at GW

WordPress might be initially intimidating, but if you find the most web savvy individual in your student organization, with any luck they’ll already have WordPress experience. There are also tons of tutorials and how-to’s on the internet to ease the learning curve.

However, the SBA Technology Team, in it’s capacity as the Technology Team, does not flesh out your organization’s website for you. This means that the SBA Director of Technology, the Assistant Directors of Technology, and any of Technology Team members are not obligated to build your site for you. However, you may ask the individual members of the technology team to do so, but they will be helping your org in their personal capacity, not in their capacity as an SBA Technology Team member.

Hints to find someone to build your site:

  • GW’s strongest law programs are tend to attract the technically adept; you probably have an org-member with Web Design experience on your list-serve.
  • The Director of Technology may have learning resources so that you may teach yourself basic web design skills. Ask the Technology Team for web design resources. You can learn the basics in less than a weekend.
  • There are SBA Organizations on campus whose memberships are very likely to contain a lot of people with web design skills. Ask them for help.
  • Clubs with ready funding have hired web designers in the past
  • Your club might have one of the Technology Team members in their membership; ask them to help in their personal capacity

Questions, concerns, etc.

All questions and concerns should be directed to the SBA’s Director of Technology at