Budget Procedures

The budget request process now occurs in the spring. The SBA conducts a mandatory treasurer orientation, in the spring, at which treasurers are given details on the process for that year. Afterwards, organizations must prepare a Budget Request Form (to be made available on the SBA Finance Branch website in the spring). This form is required, but the deadline varies year-to-year, so an organization’s leadership should regularly check their emails, the SBA website, and the SBA newsletter for updates on the timeline leading into this process. It is highly encouraged that outgoing and incoming e-boards collaborate during this process.

Because the spring budgeting allocations are based on estimated C fund amounts, each student organizations’ allocated budget is subject to amendment in the fall. See SBA Bylaw 905(b). After the actual C fund amounts are disbursed in the fall, the Finance Committee will hold a meeting, draft, and present a proposal to the Senate to resolve any discrepancies between the estimated and actual C Fund amounts. See SBA Bylaw 905(b). Student organizations whose budgets are affected by this proposal will be notified as soon as the discrepancies have been resolved.

In addition to the Budget Request Form, student organizations must also submit additional documentation including: a cover letter, a list of prioritized events with brief descriptions, an itemized list of expenses for events, and information about the organizations’ past financial history.

For more details regarding the budget process—including necessary documentation, appealing budget decisions, and amendments to budgets—student organizations should consult the SBA Budgeting Guide to be made available in the spring. Any immediate questions should be directed to the Chair of the Finance Committee at sbamoney@law.gwu.edu.