Contract Policy

The Finance Branch works with student organizations to make sure all contract requests are made in compliance with finance procedures. All contracts with vendors, both within the University and without, must be reviewed by the VPF per Bylaw 911. Further, no group has the authority to accept legal obligations on behalf of the University. Thus, the Finance Branch works with student organizations to ensure that all contracts are made with university approved vendors and that all contractual terms are sound. After obtaining university approval to enter into a contract, the Finance Branch coordinates with the University Finance Department to ensure that any payments due under the contracts are made in a timely fashion. If you have questions about a vendor requiring a contract, please contact your Finance Branch Point of Contact via email with subject line “{Student Org} Contract Question”. Be sure to carbon copy on the email. Because of the liability involved, violation of this rule will result in serious sanctions. See SBA Bylaw 911(b)(1). Finally, please consider the time required for this process when planning your event.