Fundraising Procedures: Cash Box, Paypal & GW Branding

In aid of their fundraising efforts, organizations may request the temporary use of an SBA cash box through the Vice President of Finance and/or the use of the SBA PayPal account through one of the Deputy Vice Presidents of Finance. This page contains a few procedures regarding using the cash box, Paypal, and selling merchandise with the GW logo. For more specific information on these procedures please consult the Treasurer’s Guide.

Cash box Policy

Student organizations should request use of the cash box from their Finance Branch Point of Contact via email with subject line “{Student Org} Cash box Request”. Be sure to carbon copy on the email. If a cash box is available the Finance Branch will provide the box and a certain amount of seed money for making change. Groups may use the money to obtain small bills for making change. All SBA cash boxes, along with the seed money provided, must be returned within 48 hours of the end of the fundraising activity/event. Also note that the cash box availability is not guaranteed. Finally, the Deposit Form must still be used to deposit any funds the organization raises. DO NOT simply return the cash box with the money raised.

Deposit Form

PayPal Policy

The Finance Branch works with student organizations to make sure all PayPal requests are made in compliance with finance procedures. Student organizations can utilize PayPal as an online store for their fundraising efforts. Once all PayPal request requirements have been met, the Finance Branch, via the Director of Technology, creates the student organization’s fundraising event on PayPal and monitors sales. After the designated sale period, the Finance Branch will coordinate with the University Finance Department to ensure all profits from the fundraiser are transferred to the student organization’s account.

In order to make a PayPal request, an organization should use the PayPal Request Form. The organization must make the request at least two weeks in advance of the planned fundraising event. The request should include information about the name and description of the item for sale, the time frame the sale will be available, price, and any variables on the item. The SBA will set up a PayPal “button” that can be provided to the organization as a hyperlink for emails and as HTML code that can be embedded on a group’s website. Once the sale is complete, the VPF will withdraw the funds and deposit them into the group’s account as soon as they are received.

Please keep in mind that PayPal takes a portion of any purchase made. As of the time this guide was written, Paypal charged a baseline $0.30 on each transaction plus 2.9% of the transaction total. For example, if an item is offered for $15.00, the group will only receive $14.26. There is also a $1.50 processing fee each time the SBA withdraws funds from Paypal. Finally, once the sale is closed and the funds are withdrawn, it takes at least two weeks for the check to arrive.

For any questions regarding PayPal requests student organizations can contact their Finance Branch Point of Contact via email with subject line “{Student Org} PayPal Request”. Please also copy on the email.

PayPal Request Form

GWU Branding Policy

Any time a student organization purchases merchandise such as shirts, pens, or glasses for sale it must include the name or logos of The George Washington University. As part of this process the student organization must comply with the rules of the University’s Licensing and Trademarks Program for information about logos and licensed vendors. When “George Washington,” “GW,” “Colonials,” or anything remotely similar appears on an item, the group must contact the University for approval. Please note that this University office is not associated with the Law School.

An organization must send an email with its intended design and vendor to BEFORE an order is placed. Once approval is obtained, usually in the form of an email, that approval and a copy of the design must be included with any reimbursement or direct payment request submitted to the SBA Finance Branch. If the design is not approved or that documentation is not included, the requests will be denied.

For information about the University’s trademark guidelines click here.
For more information about the University’s licensed vendors click here.