P-Card Policy

The Finance Branch works with student organizations to make sure all p-card requests are made in compliance with finance procedures. The p-card is a credit card that student organizations can request to make payment for non-university approved vendors provided that the payments are greater than $200 but less than $3000 and that the student organization has sufficient funds in its accounts to make such a payment. The Finance Branch ensures that student organizations requesting p-card usage have sufficient funds to do so and that each p-card request is accompanied by the requisite documentation. Once all p-card request requirements have been met, the Finance Branch coordinates with the University Finance Department to ensure that the p-card payment is made in a timely fashion.

To make a P-card payment request use the google form listed below. An organization must submit a request to make a purchase via the p-card at least two weeks in advance of the desired date of purchase. If you have questions about p-card payments contact your Finance Branch Point of Contact via an email with subject line “{Student Org Name} P-card Question”. Make sure to carbon copy sbamoney@law.gwu.edu.

Other Requirements for a P-card Request

Once you’ve submitted a P-card Request form, you must also provide an advertisement and a list of attendees within 48 hours after the completion of the event/activity the purchase was made for. Please email these items to sbamoney@law.gwu.edu subject line “Additional P-card Materials for {Student Org Name}’s {Event/Activity Name}”. We will not be able to use the P-Card for every request submitted and the vendor accepting payment must accept MasterCard.

You can find the P-Card Google Form here.