Direct Payment Request Form

The Direct Payment Request Form may be used to request payments directly from the University to the vendor for items both prior to purchase (preferred) and after purchase (if the group receives an invoice). This process ensures that no member of a student organization must pay for the item out of pocket. This method of payment is strongly recommended for any large purchases. The Direct Payment Request is the only way to guarantee that payment will come from your group’s accounts because reimbursement requests are not guaranteed. The form must be filled out in full and a scanned copy must be emailed to with subject line { Please CC the Audit Committee as well (

If a direct payment does not seem possible for any reason, student organizations should contact the VPF directly concerning large-scale purchases. Please CC the Audit Committee ( on all correspondence with the VPF regarding Direct Payment Requests.

Direct payments are not possible for things such as happy hours or purchases from CVS because an invoice or contract is required. Also please note that this process is entirely separate from the licensing and trademarks process. If purchasing any items that use GW trademarks on them, an organization must still have the designs approved by Licensing and Trademarks. Direct payment requests can be a lengthy process, so organizations should plan ahead. The Direct Payment Request Form details the process required when submitting a request.

After a request is submitted, as long as the student organization verified the vendor prior to submission, the VPF will submit the Direct Payment Request form as quickly as possible. Once reviewed by the University finance office and submitted to accounts payable, it generally takes a minimum of ten (10) business days for a check to issue. Again, the Direct Payment Request is not possible for purchases made on a short deadline.

Additional Procedures for Unverified Vendors

Before any SBA form is submitted, an organization must verify with the University finance office that the vendor is registered with the University. The University will not issue a check to a vendor that has not been verified.

If a vendor is not already in the system, the student organization is responsible for working with the University finance office to establish the vendor in the system before a direct payment may issue. This requires the organization to provide the vendor with a Supplier Registration Form. When that form and all associated documentation have been completed and filed with the University finance office, that office will proceed to verify the information provided against IRS records. If information is not consistent, the vendor will have to provide corrected documentation.

Only after verification is complete may a student organization submit a Direct Payment Request. The form must be filled out in full and a scanned copy must be emailed to with subject line “{Student Org. Name} Direct Payment Request”.


Download a copy of the Direct Payment Request form here.