Inns of Court

SBA partners with the Inns of Court program to provide upperclassman as advisors for each inn. These student advisors attend the Inns of Court Session, host office hours in order to be available for questions, and plan social events for the inn. This program provides essential information to allow for student to have a successful first year of law school.

Surya Iyer
Kristin Capes
Danyelle Clark
Alexa Levy
Marrisa Rose
Yaffa Meeran
Caroline Merlin
Kate Geyer
Brandeis Inn
Renae Vanwijk
Siri Palm
Anthony Ruiz
Theodore Nastase
Amanda Oliveira
Brian Medich
Marshall Inn
Tazia Statucki
Nicole Bayne
Ashley Ramkishun
Brianna Seymour
Sarah Gehring
Kevin Zhang
Jackson Inn
Liz Hoadley
Lena Kettering
Jihad Komis
Matthew Sanford
Hisham El Mawan
McKenzie Schnell
Collin Cenci
Laura Halpern
Sarah Johnson
Billy Burchfield
Christina Kung
Jay Inn
Danielle Rodriguez
Meghan McConnell