GW Law Student Business Cards

The Student Bar Association and the George Washington University are happy to announce that students are now able to buy GW Law School specialized business cards for your networking opportunities. Please be aware that the instructions below MUST be followed explicitly in order for your cards to be approved. Please also note that orders will take a few weeks to be processed and will be sent to the Career Center for pick up. All our best, and good hunting.

Step One – Register:

Go to this link here and register for an account by clicking on ‘create one.’


Step Two – Log in:

Fill in your information using your law school email and click ‘submit.’ Then–using your registered user name–log into the system at the link above.

Step Three:

Click on ‘Law Student Card’ at the top of the screen.


Step Four – Select Law Card:

Click on ‘Select’ under the  GW Law Student Card icon.


Step Five – Input Card Information:

Fill in your information, including degree and class year.  Your email MUST be your account.  Once you have input all of your information click ‘VIEW PROOF.’ If you are an LLM Student, fill out your specified program.


Step Six – Submit Card Info:

Double check all of your information and then–if it’s correct–click ‘CHECKOUT.’

Step Seven – Shipping & Billing Address:

After entering your personal email address, you MUST select the “2000 H Street” option from the saved addresses for the shipping destination.  YOU MUST ALSO type “Cheryl J. Amado” into the “Attn::” space. Below that, please then fill out your personal billing information. Click ‘submit order.’


Step Eight – Billing Information:

Once submitted, a space to submit your credit card information will become available. Fill out your credit card information.  When you are finished, make certain that all information is complete and then click ‘submit order’ one more time.


Step Nine – HOORAY:

Congratulations; Your new GW Law Business Cards have been ordered!

Step Ten – Pick Up:

Your Business Cards will be delivered to the Career Center. When they arrive, you will be notified via your email when they are ready for you to pick them up. To pick them up, simply visit at the career center during their normal operating hours (found here) and show your GW ID to pick them up.

Happy hunting.