Calendar Submissions

Student organizations can place their event on the SBA calendar by following the procedures below. Student organizations must place their event on the SBA calendar if they wish to advertise their event in the SBA Newsletter.

Deadline. Events must be submitted to the SBA calendar by noon on the Friday prior to the week of the event.

Requirements. Student organizations must include the following information in their calendar submissions:
1. Title of event.
2. Time of event.
3. Location of event.
4. Description of event.
5. Proper language for events with alcohol.
6. Contact information.

Procedures. To add an event to the SBA calendar:
1. Log in to the student organization’s gmail account.
2. In the upper right drop-down menu, select the “Calendar” icon.
3. Once in the calendar, create an event and select “Edit Event.”
4. Make sure the event’s title, date, and time frame are correct. Include a description and appropriate language for events with alcohol.
5. Under “Add Guests,” type in to add the event to the SBA Calendar.
6. Hit “Save.”
7. A text box will appear and ask, “Would you like to send invitations to guests?” Hit “Send.”