Student organizations may advertise on the SBA calendar, in the weekly SBA newsletter, on bulletin boards around school, through student organization listservs, in the class Facebook pages, and in classes.

Flyers. Student organizations may place flyers on bulletin boards located throughout the Law School, including the LLC, in accordance with the following requirements:

  1. Student organizations can place only one flyer per bulletin board.
  2. Student organizations may not place flyers on the SBA-only bulletin board located on the south wall of the soft lounge.
  3. Flyers may not cover other flyers.
  4. Flyers must be taken down once the event is over.
  5. The copy center, located in S202 (the second floor of Stockton Hall) can print flyers and directly charge a student organization’s account. Email a copy of the flyer and the amount of copies needed to

Student Org Listservs. Student organizations may send an email to their members about upcoming events.

Facebook. Student organizations may advertise events within class pages on Facebook (e.g. “Class of ’18 (day) & ’19 (evening)”). Student organizations are prohibited from posting about events in the Inns of Court and Transfer Students pages. The goal of this policy is to preserve the Inns of Court and Transfer Students pages for information relevant only to those groups (such as messages from Inn Advisors, class cancellations, Inns of Court or Transfer specific activities, etc.) by making sure all that information is not buried and lost among posts from student organizations.

Class Announcements. Pending approval from the professor, student organizations may announce their events in class.

NOTE: If a student organization is serving alcohol at an event, advertisements for that event must contain approved language for events with alcohol. This language can be found in Chapter III, Section IV of the Student Organization Handbook.