Student organizations may reserve certain Law School and University spaces to host their events and meetings in.

Spaces within the Law School:

Academic Spaces. Students and student members of student organizations may reserve classrooms through the Law School portal. To do so, students log into their portal, select “Room Reservations,” and follow the instructions on the screen. See Appendix H for photograph instructions.

Non-Academic Spaces. Students individually are not authorized to reserve certain spaces within the Law School through the portal, such as the Faculty Conference Center, the Tasher Reading Room, or the Jacob Burns Moot Court Room. However, if a student organization would like to requests to utilize one of these spaces it must fill out the form in Appendix I of the Student Organization Handbook and email it to the Dean of Students Office at Reserve these spaces as soon as possible because they are often used for events. The Student Organization may contact the SBA Chief of Staff for assistance.

Spaces Located Outside of the Law School:
There are spaces throughout the University that student organizations may use for their events or activities. To request spaces outside of the Law School, student organizations must submit requests to the SBA Chief of Staff at All requests must include the information listed in Appendix J of the Student Organization Handbook.