Every student organization is required to hold at least one profitable fundraiser each year to remain eligible for funding from the SBA. Fundraisers can range from collecting dues to bake sales to apparel sales. Student organizations that fail to conduct a fundraiser are ineligible for funding for the following year. If a student organization chooses to purchase or order any type of merchandise for resale, it must follow the steps outlined below:

Step One: Select GWU branding for the merchandise, because organizations looking to purchase and sell items must include GWU Branding (anything with “GW Law,” “George Washington,” “GW,” “Colonials,” or anything remotely similar) on these items.

Step Two: Student organizations must select a vendor from the university’s approved vendor list:

Step Three: Student organizations must send their intended design and the name of the vendor making the items to the GW Law Communications Office at before placing any orders. If necessary, the GW Law Communications Office can provide the student organization with the approved GW Law logos.

Step Four: Once the student organization has approval from the GW Law Communications Office, the student organization must submit the intended design and name of the vendor to the University Licensing and Trademarks Program: The student organization should forward the email from GW Law Communications Office indicating approval to

Step Five: Once the student organization has approval from the University Licensing and Trademarks Program, the student organization may place an order for the items. To process payment of, or reimbursement for, the cost of the order, the organization must include the approval and a copy of the design with the reimbursement, P-Card, or direct payment request(s) it submits to the SBA.

Step Six: The student organization sells the ordered merchandise. A student organization may use a cash box or PayPal to assist in their fundraising efforts. To request to borrow a cash box, contact the SBA Vice President of Finance. To request the use of Paypal to sell items, fill out a Paypal Request form. Note: The University does not permit student organizations to use Venmo to collect funds via fundraisers.

Step Seven: Deposit the raised funds with the Vice President of Finance or her/his Finance Comptrollers within 72 hours after receiving such money. This means student organizations may not hold onto money until the end of a fundraiser – all funds raised must be deposited within 72 hours of being raised.


Merchandise and food sales generate revenue but equally important, merchandise and food sales give our law student groups a great opportunity to market their cause and the community a chance to learn and grow. The law school supports such initiatives and is committed to help make such efforts a success.

Merchandise and food “tabling” in the Hard Lounge (dining area) of Stockton Hall is simple. There are however some necessary guidelines.

Guidelines for holding a sale in the dining area of Stockton Hall

1. Check the ROOM RESERVATIONS tab of the portal to see if space is available. Though a table sale is informal, if the space is packed with other activities that were booked ahead of yours, you may be at a disadvantage (other sales) or there may not be room.

Next, always complete an event reservations form. The form not only helps to reserve your space, it also puts you in touch with our Events Department and properly notifies the Dean of Students Office, both of which are proper protocol.

Below is the link for the form for future reference. For more extensive details on event planning, also see the SBA Handbook. Chapter IV has information about how to hold events.

2. Remember the dining area’s true purpose. We do not want to inconvenience each other by making it hard to find a place to sit and eat on tight schedules, especially during inclement weather. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the most popular days. Please be considerate of others.

Generally, we ask that groups use no more than one, six -foot table or two of the smaller dining tables. On busy days, a six-foot table is preferable because it does not reduce the number of seating options for diners.

In the ROOM RESERVATIONS SYSTEM, the dining area on the first floor of Stockton Hall is referred to as the HARD LOUNGE. Please note also that the Information Desk North or South may also be reserved for your tabling event.

3. You may use a banner to decorate your table as long as it does not cause a trip/fall hazard and it is affixed to the table only. Nothing may be affixed to the walls or floors.

Please let us know if you plan to serve hot beverages so that we can help you do so safely.

4. Events will provide your table set up and upon request, can also provide tabletop signs such as those you see at the Information Desk. Easels may be used to display posters provided there is ample space BEHIND YOUR TABLE. If you are using the Information Desk your easel may be placed in the divot opposite the mural.

Please do not place easels or other signage in front of or alongside your table. Make certain your table “hugs” the column and sits behind the silver line on the floor, perpendicular to the column.

5. The main aisle and thoroughfares leading to doors and kitchens may not be blocked. There should be sufficient space for any / all mobility aids and emergency equipment to pass. Bags, backpacks, boxes, etc. should be stored underneath your table.

6. Once set up, do not leave your table unattended. Confirm your schedule of volunteers.

7. Please clean your area when you are finished. Food and beverage sale leftovers, (if you choose to share them) should be left in the kitchens – not in the dining area.

8. Build anticipation by announcing your sale with eye-catching fliers and a daily note on the chalkboard. To have your event added to the electronic, touch-screen directories, e-mail a copy of your completed flier with a note to: Ms. Katherine Poon-Sham at

9. Have fun and good luck!