Student Run Blogs

Law students affiliated with an officially recognized student organization may create a legal subject-matter specific site designed to provide writing opportunities for students to post timely pieces, and discussion and analysis of cutting-edge legal issues. Participation in these blogs is voluntary and students will receive no academic credit for participation. The creation, management, and 12 renewal of such sites are subject to the following policies and procedures if the site is affiliated with GWU or use the GWU name or logo in any way that could be interpreted as suggesting official association, approval, or sponsorship by GWU.

Procedure for Creation and Approval of Student-Run Blogs

Students and student organizations must follow the following steps when seeking approval for a blog:
1. Member(s) of an official SBA-recognized student organization shall complete an application for creation and approval of student-run blog and submit the application and supporting materials to the SBA.
2. The SBA reviews the request, approves or denies the request, and forwards the request and the SBA decision with an explanation of decision to the Chair of the Journal Advisory Committee (“JAC”).
3. The JAC reviews request and approves or denies request.

For the full policies and procedures for Student Run Blogs, please see the SBA Student Organization Handbook and Responsibility Statement and SBA Bylaws 404(A)(2)(vi) and 606.

Required Forms

Basic Guidelines for Proposed Blogs
Student Organization Blog Application
Student Organization Blog Application for Renewal